We are a highly skilled world-class group of creative Tech Experts that have developed a superior online shopping platform. ROI is over 500%. Profitable Year One!

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If you're interested in a ROI of 500%, plus a far greater shareholding than an established Online Shopping Website, let me introduce you to Kerching.

Our Creative, Passionate, and Dedicated team of world-class professionals has developed innovative systems that will change the way the world shops.

First off, the founders have been pioneers in the Rewards & Recognition Industry for 2 1 years, and have designed and built programs for some of Australia's largest Corporations. (Repco, Wesfarmers, Police Associations, Nokia, Crown Casino, St George Private Bank, Downer, Chartered Accounts Australia, Clipsal, Inghams, AGL to name a few)

Our founder was contracted by Australia's leading Online Shopping Company for 3 years to build their corporate profile.  He set up 98% of the company's corporate partners.

We have an established Website, APP and CMS and own the IP, and are ready to discuss any aspect of our business with serious investors that want to see their wealth flourish and continue to expand.

Why are we different?
  • We have developed a Niche Market, that separates us from our competitors.
  • We have more experience and knowledge than our competitors, that's why people in the industry employ us to grow and improve their financial position.
  • Australian & World First Innovation - Price Comparison with added rebates - Completed.
  • Corporate Partners - We are experts in scaling a business with corporate partners (Banks, Health & Insurance Companies, Entertainment....etc..) 
  • Barcode Technology -  Aussie First. We have uploaded over 300 Million Barcodes - Point - Scan - Display.  Simply point the Kerching Barcode at the Barcode on a  Retail Item and it will display a list of Retailers including prices,  showing where you can buy the item cheaper. (Completed) View  30 sec. Video:
  • Kerching members can use their rebated  cashback funds to purchase Corporate Partners Goods - Aussie First
  • We listen and act on all constructive criticism, that's why we have survived so long in the industry.
  • We pay our clients cashback rebates in 45 days not 90 days like our competitors.
  • Kerching has access to 10 times more Retailers than its competitors.

Our People:  (We have a presentation that lists our support teams and who sits on our board)
  • Our creative team won Ad of the century and continues to deliver a high-class performance.
  • Founders have 21 years in sales, marketing, designing, and administration. They are focused and determined to be a household name.
  • Our Digital Teams are highly recognised as one of the top two marketing companies in Australia.
  • Our IT Developers have built programs for many large corporations from around the world.
  • Two of our Retail Technology Suppliers are noted as world leaders in their field. 
  • UX / UI Designers that have the professional infrastructure to modernise Kerching and install the latest Analytics.
For 2 decades, we have built strong business relationships across Australia, which has assisted us in obtaining the right focused people in fast-tracking our business.

  1. Any person over the age of 18 has access to Kerching.
  2. We have not released Kerching out to the general public because we require funding to introduce a more modern design to improve the user experience.
  3. We've had Friends, Family, and Referrals join Kerching,  so we can check on reporting and communications - 1,100 sales and 2, 000 registrations.

90 Second Video:
This video was made early last year but since then we have uploaded many other innovative options.

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