Kemorene Wines

Raising 100,00 so I can create new wine blends and mass produce them. Fully Owned and Operated by Women

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I have a wine label  five years running and I want to get it past the Initial startup phase. 

My 2015 and 2014 blends consist of Chardonnay and Cabernet. 

In 2017 I was considered original: A black woman starting a wine label. I've  watched others who started after me or who were inspired by me, surpass me in the market

I have 31000  followers on Instagram, yet can't seem to get past the start up phase.

 My website is

 Instagram Kemorene Wines 

Wine is available for sale on-line 

I am self taught and blended each bottle with little instruction from my California Broker 

Kemorene Wines was imagined from our passion of discovering great wine and sharing it with dynamic people in our lives.  While traveling the globe, we have encountered incredible people of various backgrounds and cultures who also share the same passion and love for wine. Over numerous conversations and glasses raised, wine has served as the all mighty conversation starter and relationship builder.

One of our most memorable visits was to Napa Valley, where we fell in love with the land and the locals’ deep love for their vineyards. With vines stretching as far as the eye can see, it inspired an idea that one day we would own and operate our own winery. With the help of experts in Napa Valley, Kemorene Wines was born. We focus on legendary properties and a handcrafted approach, providing wine lovers delicious and memorable interpretations.

Kemorene Wines is proudly owned and operated by women. Parallel to the symbolism of the name Kemorene -- we believe that all women are mysterious, magical, highly gifted, bound to think, reflect and develop their inner wisdom. We want women to drink our wine and feel like they can move mountains.

Our unique labels represent all cultures of women, celebrating diversity and embracing the spirit and tenacity of women throughout the world.  We hope our handcrafted wines will make you reflect on the amazing women in your life and raise a glass in their honor and share the bottle with people you love.

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