KatesQuads ATV rentals.

Atv rentals... a fun way to pass the time.

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Atv rentals. There is only one in between Regina and Saskatoon. At 10 atvs rented 182 days of the year at $180 a day $327,600 a year not including milage and trailer fees. In 5 years I could make $1,638,000. Minus property, insurance, inital buying of quads/sidebyside. I think if I did a 5 year plan I would have a profit of at least $700,000. As for employees my husband is a small engines repair mechanic, he did John Deere and Sthil college training in ontario. I have experience in running an office. I also have experience in selling cars. I have university for broadcasting and telecommunications. We are both hard working individuals. 

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