Karaphan Gaming LLC

Raising $250K for manufacturing a Journal/Game Guide for Tabletop Role Playing Games (Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition)

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- The most beautiful and functional journal and game guide ever for a tabletop RPG

- Allowing players to notate information and reference rules faster and easier than ever before

- Targeting the $22bn+ global market

- Development to complete soon

Karaphan Gaming is committed to creating high-quality unique peripherals for the Table Top RPG gaming community.

More than 50 million people play Dungeons & Dragons, and other RPGs, and more discover the genre every year. Every one of these 50 Million players has the same three issues;

- Too much information and a need to organize it
- Abundance of rules to recall
- Additional accessories to purchase

Avelore's Tome of Knowledge

- Designed to easily notate the in-depth information of these games and organize it for easy access later
-Rules-based reminders and tips throughout the book
- Over $140 of accessories built into a single product

More than 50 million people play Dungeons & Dragons.

- In 2020, the game boasted at least 50 million players, and the player count has been steadily rising due to recent pop culture phenomenons like, Stranger Things on Netflix and Critical Role, one of the most watched Vlogs on YouTube. 

- The global role-playing games market reached a value of nearly $15 Billion in 2019, having increased at a compound annual growth rate of 6.84% since 2015

- It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.22% to nearly $22 Billion by 2023.

- Our customer base begins with those playing Dungeons and Dragons but, will expand to other popular RPG games such as Pathfinder and Warhammer by 2025.

- Increasing our customer base by an additional 20-25%

Proof of concept:
- We created a product that has never been seen before in the 50 yr history of Table Top RPGs

- An exponentially better journal than any previously built, focused on a single edition of a single game

- Designed, tested and finalized over 600 unique, and fully illustrated pages

- Binder prototype is near completion

- Early prints are being game tested by several different groups

- Developed not only an outstanding product but, a brand that will become synonymous with tabletop RPGs

- We have a marketing company, Madwire, developing a strategy to build brand awareness

- Our website is fully functional www.karaphangaming.net

- We are several months from being Kickstarter launch ready

- Great responses from game testers


The future is bright for Karaphan Gaming. In an ever-growing market, we intend to develop a brand that is as synonymous with Table Top RPGs as Dungeons and Dragons.

- Launch Kickstarter campaign
- Release Avelore's First Edition

- Develop brand awareness by attending industry events nationally
- Begin designing Avelore's for additional universes (Pathfinder, Warhammer)
- Develop additional product lines to accent Avelore's (Storage binders, Signature dice)
- Capitalize on brand awareness through Merchandise sales

- Release Avelore's 2nd Edition
- Add journal customization to the product line (Custom Character images in pages)

- Launch Kickstarter for Avelore's new Universe
- Release Avelore's for the new Univ

A full business plan is available.
Please see attached file:

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