Raising $500K to help organizations build a better employee work experience

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As we experienced in 2020, the workforce has gone through an incredible change forcing organizations to rethink how they connect with their people, get work done, and design new ways of working as more virtual engagement is the norm. For most companies, talent strategies for their existing employee base is not effective, with scores of employees feeling undervalued, not a fit, and choosing the competition for better opportunities. In fact, lack of development and perceived value/contribution is one of the top three reasons people quit their job. And for all the HR software big and small supposedly geared to getting the best out of people, they fall short time and time again.  Consider these stats:

$450-$550B: The estimated annual cost of employee turnover for US companies (source: Conference Board)
69%: The percentage of employees who reported they would work harder if they felt more valued (source: Hubspot)
85%: The percentage of employees reporting they are not engaged at work (source: Gallup)

Not knowing your people leads to challenges in building the right connection, creating development opportunities, and overall engagement. It's costing companies dearly. Something needs to change and improve the way companies view, and optimize, their people.

This is where Jobsurv comes in. Founded by a former AirForce veteran turned Software Engineer and an HR Executive with a track record of building teams and cultures across many Silicon Valley companies, Jobsurv helps organizations retain and promote their talent by using data insights that better connect people to their work leading to better performance, engagement, and retention. This unusual marriage between a technical manager and HR is the secret sauce behind why Jobsurv is a compelling software platform and investment opportunity. Both founders have deep experience in start-ups and enterprise (so they know what scale looks like), building and leading teams, and generally wanting people to be their best.

Jobsurv's Work Profile provides a snapshot of a person's natural strengths and approach to work. This profile unlocks the blueprint of how someone thinks, acts, and relates with others as they do their job. By starting from the person first and not the job description, individuals feel more empowered with how their knowledge, skills, and abilities show up in their work. No more awkward force-fitting of a job to a person, rather, the person does the job in their unique way making it more engaging, easier for managers to lead, develop, and grow their teams, and for HR professionals to be more strategic in organizational design. Jobsurv uses the data to drive the right conversations that have implications and enhance other internal programs including performance management, succession planning, learning and development, recruiting, and of course, retention.

Jobsurv isn't a performance management tool, learning development system, or applicant tracking software. It is the glue that binds an individual's work identity to what they do, how they perform, and ultimately where in the organization they can grow and add more value. It's a game changer for building teams, culture, and boosting bottom line results.

We approach the market by offering assessments that draw interest and curiosity.  The Personal Edition offers anyone the ability to take our free Work Profile assessment which provides coaching tips and guidance on demand. Besides general exposure for marketing purposes, we use this free assessment to gain information for broader data sets about behaviors that can be tied to our customer pitch and value proposition.

The core B2B business is where Jobsurv is focused, and to incentivize potential customers, we offer a free Organization Assessment so companies can learn about their company culture. We use this as a follow up mechanism for sales reach out whether or not the visitor does.  Very quickly potential customers eager to keep their people, and grow their talent, will see the value in how Jobsurv's solution can be aligned to their current culture, or where they want to go.

Both assessments are available on the website at

We are seeking $500K to build out the remaining product roadmap which includes career pathing, job matching, mentoring, goals, and AI coaching bots. This requires additional engineering support beyond the technical founder and contractor. We also need to build Marketing and Sales to more aggressively get reference customers and prove the model.

Jobsurv was incorporated in 2020, and the current MVP focuses on the Work Profile, pulse survey capability, and a platform for businesses to view their employee population. We raised over $100K from family/friends, and are now bootstrapping. We have had several conversations with HR and non-HR people about the current and long term platform, and all feedback has strongly supported the problems we are addressing and our value proposition. In 2020, we won an HR Analytics award, and was an award winner of HR Today's annual MVP article competition taking the top prize for the Employee Engagement category.  We plan to continue our efforts on thought leadership and outreach as well as working within our network to get more validation through landing our first reference customers and pushing for 1K free users.

Jobsurv is born out of a need through working in organizations and watching good talent go to waste. This is a long term pain point and not addressed properly in all the software and applications that both founders have used and implemented. The problem with keeping employees engaged and feeling satisfied with their job persists because organizations are looking at people's capabilities in the wrong way. Jobsurv's platform addresses this gap. Working with us means you are investing in a solid foundation of experience in software product development methodology and strategic Human Resources. We come to this venture in a very unique way, with a business-centric orientation that combines 50+ years of hard work, trial and error, and the wisdom of what it takes to get the best out of people and create great places to work. Click here to view our pitch deck.

Thank you for your consideration and interest in building better organizations!


Tony Deblauwe, Founder and CEO
Steve Glaiser, Founder and CTO

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