JK DeLary Group LLC

Raising $1 Mil to purchase properties for Rentals, and Rehab and Flips

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My name is Joshua DeLary we are a property investor located in Hawaii. We are looking for someone to help us fund our deals, We offer a target of 12% return secured by real estate to anyone who wants to assist in funding them. We buy fix and resell single family homes mostly and we have been finding  more deals than we have funding for. 
Your money would be deposited in an escrow account and only funds the deal when you give your approval to the title/escrow company. Once your approval is given, then they fund the deal giving you a lien on the property.
Since your money stays in the title company and we never touch it you can be confident we are for real.
I you happen to have any questions or if you may be interested please feel free to call me anytime at 808-745-7092
Kind regards
Joshua DeLary
JK DeLary Group, LLC

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