Lamb’Oh Games

New and unique approach to Match-3 puzzle games. Web/iOS/Android

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Seeking; $2.5M for 1st year start-up costs + $2.5M contingency funds.

Lamb'oh Games is an aspiring game development company looking to tap into the match-three puzzle game market.
Our objective is to offer a unique gaming experience that will stand out from the pack and attract current active users to our product.
Through social media platforms; Lamb'Oh games will reach its target audience, by creating YT channels,  FB and IG accounts, Twitter feeds and gaming forum posts at little or no costs.
Lamb'Oh Games will also use these platforms to promote in-game events and play an active role in social fundraising campaigns such as Cancer, Alzheimers, and Autism Research to name only a few.

* Match-three games have generated $3.4B in revenues in 2019
** CCS players spent nearly $4.2M Per Day in 2018

Platforms: Web/iOS/Android

Milestone targets:
  1. Soft launch: 6 months from the project start date. - (User gameplay and IAP's functional. User base foundation begins) 
  2. Official full release: 12 months from the start date. 
  1. 50/50 revenue split with investors.
  2. Profit on investment to begin within 18 months of the project start.
  3. Bi-Weekly progress meetings with the investment group.
Should you be interested in this type of venture, please contact me for a short 5 minutes presentation of our project.
Thank you for your consideration.

José J. Cusson
[email protected]
Zoom, MS Teams, availability.

In April 2021 alone statistics show that:
  • CCS was downloaded 9M times and generated $28M net revenue.
  • RM: was downloaded 900K+ times and generated $4M net revenue.
  • TB: was downloaded 700K+ times and generated $5M net revenue.
Source: Sensor Tower

Match 3 forum extract:
I agree most of the match 3 game have the same concept. nothing new. 

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