Jaguarundi Shores Ltd (Located in Belize)(US Owned)

Expansion funding of Exotic Wellness Retreat

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Expansion of Therapy Resort Located in Belize. 

Jaguarundi Retreats has been created to treat and overcome disconnections between individuals, their emotions and life experiences. Jaguarundi Retreats will provide retreats with licensed professional clinicians for the treatment of emotional difficulties and/or stress in families, couples and individuals. A special emphasis is placed on organic diet options with local natural remedies and unique excursion experiences combine to provide lasting and holistic change in every Retreat attended.
We have created a professional atmosphere while cultivating a true innate experience of Belizean authenticity and warmth.
Each retreat utilizes the experience of a renowned international chef to fully research and understand the multilayered cultural expression of culinary experience across Belize, while at the same time utilizing local organic ingredients scientifically proven to improve mood and mental clarity.
We provide the opportunity for Belizeans to work as not only laborers, but also as professionals in the application of psychotherapy at retreats as support for our US Licensed Clinicians.
Jaguarundi Retreats ensures the provision of quality lodging with a 5-star like attention to personal preferences of the guests.
Jaguarundi Retreats will provide the environment to experience the solace and Professional therapeutic support needed for transcending to better patterns of behaviors and experiences.

The Company believes it has the unique opportunity to expand out offering and increase our profit margins by taking advantage of low sale prices of land within Belize.

The Company will be offering 2,500 (two thousand five hundred) shares of its Common Stock (the “Shares”) to qualified investors at a purchase price of $995.50 (nine hundred ninety five dollars) per share for an aggregate offering price of $2,488,000 (two million four hundred and eighty eight thousand dollars). This document does not solicit any investment, but is used only to determine if there is an interest in a possible investment.
The Company Valuation based on numbers through Jaguarundi Shores and adding our proposed island location is just under $11,000,000.00. Dividends will be provided to the investor until they either are bought out with principle plus 25%, or their term expires and they are paid in full with dividends and interest.
With current pressure in the industry we expect to be top in class within the industry as we combine Islands Excursions (Stays and day outings), Mountain Excursions, Jungle Excursions, and Ruin Excursions with complete control of our itinerary and timing with the addition of the Plane and boat. We have discovered a way to provide excursions and connections to various landmarks in Belize, while simplifying and vetting for the best possible choices and experiences for our retreat guests. With the combination of a robust marketing strategy and psychotherapy networks already in place, we feel our projections are extremely modest as tourism rebounds.
For more information contact Mickey Power with Jaguarundi Shores Ltd at (877)472-5015 ext 501 or email at [email protected]

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