Ivey Industries inc. (Ivey PowerBoats)

Currently looking for investment to launch our Electric Offshore Power Boat manufacturing division

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Ivey Power Boats 
  Carbon fiber 32/28/24ft  power boat manufacturer.  Moving to  specialize in electric propulsion  in 5 years 
Currently have patients in the works on self charging electrical propulsion engines. One Ev proof of work prototype currently tested and completed 
   Market target: 5 year term Electric propulsion  off shore pleasure boats 
Market geographic:  Globally 

  Ivey Industries inc.  
 Currently holds 10,000,000 shares type A/B stock 
Incorporated  in Arizona 
US coast guard Licensed as a manufacturer 
Current Repair & Service facility:
 “Ivey performance marine LLC”  is producing 20-40k in revenue monthly and will eventually be the dealership for the manufacturer. 
        We have multiple designs of offshore power boats and our first mold is almost complete and ready for the 1st lay up. Cost of manufacturing per unit is roughly 70-300k depending on the options and rigging of the unit 
Msrp will be set between 150k-750k  per unit 
depending on options and rigging. 

                       Production will be planned as follows: 
1st year:  4-6 units,  100k-500k yearly heavy online marketing presence.  Purchase 11acre lot in local industrial area and break ground on 1st facility 
2nd year: 6-12 units…. Start base model 24/28ft main line production.
3rd year: transition to new facility 12-24 units. Start on electric propulsion and testing in R&D.
4th year:  24-32 units prep to release Electric propulsion as a option on new models.  
5th year: look in to public trading options to expand further
Estimated 24ft unit volume  is 24units a year 150-300kper
Estimated 28ft unit volume  is 24units a year 300-500kper
Estimated 32ft unit volume is 12units a year.  500-750kper
 Estimated Custom builds will be taken on by appointment and carefully evaluated for profit and company benefit before proceeding. 
“Board Approval will be necessary”. 
Board positions will be carefully selected and are only currently open to initial large percentage investment. 

Marketing and manufacture presence will be all over the country at multiple major power boat events per year. 

Material supplier accounts are set up. 
 We need to get funding to expand the operation from general service to manufacture. 
Once production on electric power plants start,  we will be taking the company public.
 Please message to receive a detailed business plan and projected goals and timelines as well as a potential future revenue stream. 

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