AI to help students enroll, graduate and find the best career through life-long learning algorithms

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iSchoolConnect transforms the way students enroll in degree programs, graduate and find the best career outcomes. Life long learning simplified for the student and the institution.
We offer an extremely affordable subscription model direct-to-consumer(the student) as well an annual licensing model to businesses( academic institutions). We have been fortunate enough to post 7 figure revenue's YoY and are averaging at over 800,000 visitors PER MONTH. We have a team of 150 spread globally that has helped build a state-of-the-art, patent pending AI product to improve student outcomes. We are proud of a part acquisition of the company last year by TurnItIn. Our Leadership team comes from a brilliant pedigree of people who understand international education and are motivated to turn this into a billion dollar startup. We have some extremely large B2B contracts lined up and we need your support to grow. We will expect to hit $6M in ARR next year.

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