Invisible Guardian App/ My Life Saver App

Raising 300-500k to help restructure app and for advertising and marketing for both Android and Apple

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Invisible Guardian App/ My Life Saver App, is developed to listen to the customer/ user for their own personal voice code word, in any language. As well as activates once the App recognizes and hears that specific voice and code word.  Invisible Guardian App/ My Life Saver App will then instantly notify family or local police, by text of your name and your current  GPS location, during a DV and or emergency situation. Patent published. The price is set right now on Google  Play Store for $5.99. We hired a team in Pakistan called Appiskey and they did not do exactly what we wanted and or had trouble developing the app correctly.  Google is requiring us to reprogram the app (to 64 bits) so we need a new app builder as of now.  Invisible Guardian App/ My Life Saver App will allow the user to utilize a total of 5 functions. The 2 functions mentioned already above,  are specifically programmed to help save the customer/ users  life. If for some reason the customer/ victim is not able to call for help due to being detained, violated, attacked etc against their own will. 

The 3rd function is called Phone Check In, this is to remind your loved ones that they are loved and cared about. The app will allow you to record and say whatever voice message that the customer would like to send. The 4th one allows you to secretly audio record  someone who may be threatening to do harm or other illegal activities. By using your own personal secret code word that only that specific user should know of course.  This will then activate the feature on their device silently and start recording audio without the other person knowing. Last but certainly not least is that Invisible Guardian App/ My Life Saver App can also be setup to listen for a soft whistle or shrill scream. Furthermore this specific whistle or scream can activate the users Invisible Guardian  App to make a fake phone call so the customer/ user can get out of a unwanted situation.

Our goal in the future is to have the App on every smart phone and device for free. Right now we need a new App developer to work and comply with Apple and Google. As well as perfect the App and make it user friendly.  So that way everyone can and will want to get it on their phones/ devices in order to be protected against bad people, emergency’s, and life threatening situations. This will in turn save many lives as well as deter criminals and predators from doing harm to others. In addition this App will give a peace of mind to family’s, friends, and loved ones who have Invisible Guardian App/ My Life Saver App downloaded on all of their mobile smart devices.  

Thank you very much for your time and consideration. We look forward to hearing from you. Please visit our website and check out our videos and history. Patent Published. 


Brenda Wilson Van Horn 
[email protected]

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