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Raising $1mil to grow an already established Independent Adjusting firm with a rare and extremely necessary aspect of the adjusting world.

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We are an Independent Insurance Adjusting agency with a true goal of making a difference in the lives of home owners, commercial property owners, and the insurance companies. Our goal is to make sure all sides are treated fairly and equal, in both what they are owed, as well as what is due. Our claims handling provides a unique perspective as we bring a background from a mitigation contractors perspective. The property insurance industry that has been drastically needing accountability in this area we provide a service within our adjusting that is unmatched. Our team is certified in mold remediation/water mitigation and handling to ensure the safety of our customers is placed before any other prospect. Our team is committed to a timely inspection from the date of the reported loss to our office and will include a detailed report to provide to our client with. Providing a comprehensive assessment of all of the claim information our client needs is crucial, without allowing the insured to feel unrepresented in a stressful time. Balance and fairness, in conjunction with helping the insured understand the policy is our goal with each claim provided. 

Our certifications and licenses allow us to write scopes and negotiate with remediation/mitigation contractors without the need to outsource part of a claim to a third party expert, thus reducing claims costs. We have successfully saved insurance companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in un-necessary and excessive billing as well as hazardous procedures which goes against the standards and professional regulations. 

Our goal is to expand our company by increasing the volume of claims across the united states which will involve hiring of remote adjusters and additional offices and staff, as well as creating divisions within the company for specialized and expert services, i.e. Mitigation Review, Environmental Technical Services, Appraisal.

We are currently in process of designing a website, doing a press release, and updating our social media page (Linked In). All of our business has been obtained strictly via relationships the founder has established and referrals to other clients. No current marketing has been started, however, marketing materials are currently being developed to begin soon. 

Our customers are large TPA agencies serving the Lloyds of London market in both residential and commercial property losses. 

Synergy Adjusting Corporation
Catalytic Claims Services
Peninsula Insurance Bureau

Our certifications/licenses/designations include: 
Certified Mold Remediator (CMRS)
Mold Remediator MRSR3351
Council-Certified Indoor Environmentalist (CIEC)
Mold Assessor MRSA4256
Water Remediation Technician (WRT) - IICRC
Fire & Smoke Remediation Technician (FSRT) - IICRC
6-20 All Lines Adjuster
HAAG - Commercial
HAAG - Residential
Certified Appraiser (August 2023)
Lead EPA Certified
AIC (June 2023)

We have 1 adjuster on staff (Owner/Founder)
We have 1 Business Developer on staff
We have 1 QA reviewer for reports prior to submission

We are currently licensed to adjust in the following states: 
North Carolina
New Hampshire
New York
Rhode Island
South Carolina
West Virginia

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