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Impulse Music Co. is a company that focuses on the technology of Music Industry in ecommerce, retail, education, repairs, and communication with other independent businesses creating a network that spans nationwide. IMC secured a spot in the NAMM (National Association of Musicians and Merchants) Top 100 Music Stores/Retailers in the world, and took home an award for Best online engagement in one of the Top 9 Categories. Making us one of the Top 9 Music Stores in the World!
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Team members of IMC have developed and are in the process of building our network of Affiliates/Franchisees to not only rival the current successors in the music industry (Sweetwater 1B valuation) but also give independent businesses the tools to succeed in our network while having access to our resources, ultimately growing the Impulse Music Co. sphere of influence and revenue. The company is already in the Alpha test stages with creating our network of affiliates/franchisees and even participates in active R&D with MI product development, POS development, Marketing Tools, and Social Media Marketing/Management.
Our company and team members know what it takes to reach the point of success we envision, we are small but rapidly growing and expanding, and with the right investors this will become something that surpasses the current leaders in the industry.

Current Updates:
We have our Alpha Store Bakersfield Sound Co. currently testing all our tech and POS integrations, more news on that to come. 
There are two other stores in the inquiry phase with the Affiliate program right now, plus one store that will be a direct extension of IMC.
One in Colorado, one in Oregon, the direct extension looks like it will be in Texas. If all goes well, we could see many affiliate stores across the USA that are all simultaneously linked via our ecommerce distribution platform. Going this route of expansion will require a larger facility and warehouse to support the affiliate stores and eCommerce demands. In order to support this strategy, we have looked in our local area in regards to property for a larger facility. Typically property in this region goes for anywhere from 4 Million to 8 Million (depending on market fluctuations).
Our facility is currently being expanded by an extra 1200 Square feet. Obviously with this funding request the goal would be to secure a facility owned by IMC for better distribution but we would like to ensure that the demand we have from other stores justifies having our own 50,000-100,000+ square foot facility. With the market going the direction it is going, we know this will set the company up for success. Supporting the affiliate stores and expanding our eCommerce reach also means purchasing high volumes of inventory and investing time, energy, and resources to cultivate successful product lines that are direct subsidiaries of IMC. By doing this, we can compete and even stay ahead in the market against other established Music Instrument Retailers and Technology brands such as Sweetwater and Thomann (both valued at 1 Billion).

We have already collaborated with product lines under the IMC banner in hopes to control distribution deals in the future. Many of these lesser known brands and products are on the verge of achieving widespread mainstream popularity, with the funds provided and our team's expert knowledge, we can take them to the next level and grow sales. Doing this with multiple brands will position us as a company that has many subsidiaries under our control similar to FMIC (Fender Musical Instruments Corporation valued at $1.46 Billion). 
As you can see, we are not just trying to position ourselves as only a Retailer, but also a worldwide distributor and producer of goods.

These are just a few of the happenings of IMC at the moment, and this doesn't cover the lifestyle, education, video content, or many other items on our agenda that our company produces on its own. 

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