L&R Harbors, LLC.

Raising Capital for phase 1 of the Fort Washington Marina redeveopment.

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 The L&R Harbor Team is comprised of committed individuals that have contributed immensely to community development in the Washington area. Our organization L.&R. Harbor LLC have dedicated project managers that have handled several projects and have worked in various institutions, bringing life and positivity into every aspect of their work. This committed group of persons will be using their expertise to ensure the success of the project in all areas. They will ensure that the right engineers, suppliers, project workers are employed to ensure that the project becomes successful in all ramifications 

 Lester Stevens III is the Chief Operating officer of Harbors LLC and also the project director for this project. He is a diligent and committed individual that has extensive years of experience in Management. Lester Stevens III has been in the Fort Washington area for a long time, and he is very conversant with the Marina and the recent happenings over the years. Lester Stevens III currently possesses over 12 years of experience in project management, contract management, HVAC, Datacenter Infrastructure, Building automation systems. He also have extensive years of experience in operations management, quality, and internal control, costing and estimation, budgeting and optimizing operations. He has handled various projects and have assumed management responsibilities in various institutions, using his expertise to drive efficiency, meet estimated goals, and optimize successful deliveries. He is a proven specialist in contract negotiations, materials procurement, cost analysis, site engineering and supervision. He has achieved tremendous success in various projects he has handled and have attained recognition. 
The Fort Washington Marina Development opportunity is a project that is in the final stages of securing a new 60-year lease with the National Park Service. L&R Harbor has been selected as one of two finalists in the bid process for the lease and overall project, now seeking a capital partner. Final partnership structure is tentative, and L&R Harbor is considering all bids in pursuit of a successful joint venture and redeveloped marina.
The overall concept of this project is to provide visitors with a distinctive recreational waterside setting, with all areas of te project ensuring full utilization of the park, including:

·       Rental of Motorized and Non-Motorized Watercraft (Kayacs, and Canoes)

·       Sales of Boating Goods and Services

·       Marina Fuel Sales

·       Electric and Water Hook-Ups

·       Haul-Out Concierge Services (Laundry, Showers)

·       Public Boat Launch

·       Boat Repair

·       Food and Beverage Sales

·       Boat Dry Storage

•                    Waterfront Restaurant

•                     Store Fronts

•                     Electric Boat Rentals

•                     Electric Yacht Rentals

•                     Floating Eco Islands

•                     Family Fire Pit

•                     Picnic /Breakfast area

Use of the property will meet the legislative needs and intent of Piscataway Park, to protect archaeological resources and maintain and protect the viewshed from Fort Washington and George Washington’s Mount Vernon. Any and all alterations proposed to the physical nature of the Marina, docks, buildings, or other features will be in accordance with this use. 

Fort Washington Marina resides in the Piscataway Park in what has been described as “one of the most pristine, natural, undeveloped settings”, with the
 Piscataway Creek offering peaceful, beautiful views for locals and tourists to enjoy. The Mount Vernon Mansion (George Washington’s estate) is right across the Potomac, with DC less than 40 minutes away. Three large airports make accessing the DC area and Fort Washington Marina very accessible to travelers and tourists, as the marina will function with public access points, amenities that encourage families and friends to visit and enjoy the beautiful water and nature at the park. 

Should this project interest you and you would like more information to include financials of this project, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Al Tillman

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