Sustainable and prosperous Investment opportunity in biodegradable products!

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We are an innovative lifestyle company, creating sustainable products that we intelligently design for humans and our planet.

We are raising $500k for our seed round, in the next 30 days, to build our manufacturing facility, in an opportunity zone, to meet the demand with our biodegradable products. We have created the first flushable and biodegradable wet wipe on a roll. We can also do PPE sanitizing wipes, reusable biodegradable straws (flavored ones coming soon), shower in a box, and biodegradable hand sanitizers. We plan to continue to use our patented technology to continue to make biodegradable containers for various products. We also have a retail display pack that is designed for retail grocery stores of 5000+ independent grocery stores across the country. We have a solid business plan and will be doing a series A round after this investment (6-12 months). Would this be a good fit for your investment criteria, and can I send you some more info?

We are at a $4MM valuation, discounted from a $5MM projected valuation based on our pro forma forecast after this raise is completed with 2 machines running 7 hours a day, 5 days a week. 

The minimum investment is $25k, in the next 2-3 years, based on our projections with 10+ machines we will be close to a $100MM valuation, where acquisition, and/ or investor dividends/buyouts will be discussed. An investor should plan to 10 - 20x this money within this time. 

We are launching our product at the Bridge Street market in the next 60 days and need to absorb 2.5% of the grocery store network to hit our numbers, which does not include profits from the straws, sanitizing wipes, and hand sanitizers. 

The money will be used for manufacturing build-out, buying machines, equipment, hiring factory works, management of the facility, and materials to create product inventory. 

Have pitch deck and manufacturing pro forma available if there is serious interest. Preferred in-person meetings to review numbers. 

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