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Raising 2.5 Million seed money for equipment and marketing

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Emergency Utility Storm Response/ 5G infrastructure installation
   The Infrastructure is the largest obstacle for the production of 5G countrywide, we have a unique skill set that enables us to consolidate the connections countrywide and provide "One stop shopping" With the purchase of equipment and the access to disposable labor we can install the new tech. to provide 5g to the masses. With the cavate of the "storm response" sector. When a storm hits and knocks out Utility lines causing power outages, service interruptions and so much more we dispatch our trucks and crews to service the outage at a huge profit margin. This is a time proven business model, most company's are ten to twenty truck companies servicing their general area, we would be targeting mergers and acquisitions of these companies essentially locking up the industry as the preferred provider of service. This is a 250 million - 1 Billion dollar and year industry and beyond. The goal would be to be in public holding within a year and which point we would go from country wide to global. Complete business plan for the first round is available , and can be emailed upon request. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Jonathan Carpenter

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