Hollywood Sports Facility

All in one stop shop sports facility

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Hollywood Sports Facility is unique from every other gym around in the sense that it is an all one stop shop facility.  It will be a gym which will be able to handle all variations of training from standard training, to bodybuilding, powerlifting and crossfit.  It will have a cardio room.  It will have an aerobic room for classes in the evenings.  It will have a separate room for MMA and another separate room for Boxing each with their own octagon and boxing ring.  Now what makes Hollywood Sports Facility different from all other gyms is that it will have 4 other streams of revenue within the facility as well.  It will have Cryotherapy, which is great for reducing inflammation and swelling and speeding up recovery and healing.  DEXA Scanning to give a full internal readout of how much muscle, fat, water mass and bone density you have.  Will give a full in detail report about it so you will know what your BMR is and then you can calculate what your nutritional goals will need to be in order to get healthy.  It will also have subleased out offices for a chiropractor and also for a physical therapist.  Having these 2 business within the facility will benefit the facility as well as these individual business as we will bring in business to each other and make it convenient to just go to one place instead of multiple places for your health needs.  Another stream of revenue will be a Pod Cast Room that people can reserve and rent out on an hourly rate.  Technically there is a 6th stream of revenue but it isn't as consistent.  There is a billboard affixed to the top of the building which belongs to the building.  I will seek out parties interested in renting it out on a monthly basis.  Members will get discounts on these other services offered and non members will pay regular pricing without discount. 

Hollywood Sports Facility will be located in the heart of Hollywood where there are 1.7+ million people residing.  We will offer a discount membership rate the entire first year then raise the rate in year two and year three where from then on the rate will stay the same unless inflationary costs will cause us to raise again.  The MMA and Boxing member access will be on a higher membership that will cost $20 more per month than the standard rate for just the gym access.  Hollywood Sports Facility will also be offering in house personal training to help accommodate any members needs and wants, to help get them to their fitness goal.    We will start off with 2 in house personal trainers and will hire more upon the demand of business.  We will also be catering to independent trainers as they are free marketing and business for our facility.  We will charge the trainers a flat monthly rate and they can train as many clients as they want.  All of their clients will have to have memberships to the facility in order to train there.  We plan on having a small office they can use to conduct their business as well as a break room they can store their belongings in and give them a place to hang out and relax.  Pampering trainers a little bit will help keep them feel appreciated and then be committed to staying at the facility and becoming a reliable source of income.

Hollywood Sports Facility plans on having top tier equipment and machines for its members.  Dumbbells that go up to 200 pounds are a big draw as no other gym around has dumbbells that go that high.  It will help keep the bodybuilders and powerlifters committed to our location as steady members.  Having state of the art bathrooms are highly important as well for a facility and we are planning on having a top tier looking restroom / locker rooms.  It is just more eye candy for the members.

Average household income for our target market is $87,100 a year.  We will be seeking out this clientele as well as all others, but we expect the bulk of our clientele to come from within this income bracket.  With the unique structure of the facility and the quality of the machines and weights, and dumbbells we expect to get individuals and groups that are serious and dedicated to their health and fitness which usually means that they will stay members for the long run.  

We will be selling merchandise such as foods, drinks, clothing, bags etc for another stream of revenue to come in, but it is undetermined how much will be made, or expect to make, until after the first year in business

I, Michael Burns, am the founder of Hollywood Sports Facility and will oversee all operations of the business and be in charge of marketing and growth so we can expand into another city with more locations.  I will have a General Manager working for me as well to run the day to day operations within the business such as the employees and regulations.  Each department within the facility will have their own set of employees.  Enough to cover all shifts for each day of the week they are open for.  Hollywood Sports Facility will start off with employing 20-24 employees immediately and by the beginning of year three will be employing 30-35 employees.  

Hollywood Sports Facility will have a CPA who be in charge of payroll, taxes, book keeping and all other aspects to record and report revenue for the facility.  Hollywood Sports Facility will also start with building a website and getting started with SEO development and marketing as soon as we receive funding.  Obviously the sooner the funding is received the sooner the development can begin.  The sooner it is completed the faster we can move up the ranks of all search engines which will make our facility easier to be found from individuals seeking out any of the before mentioned businesses within the facility.  If all goes according to plan, then by the time the facility is ready to have its grand opening we should be on the first page of all search engines or just about at the first page.  We will also do paid ads and use of social media platforms to help promote the facility as well.

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