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Hollywood Life and Entertainment LLC is currently developing the play RIOT! 1906 ATLANTA for Broadway production with the focus of rivaling the major musicals in sensation, longevi

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Hollywood Life and Entertainment LLC is an entertainment production company with a focus on putting forward works for commercial theater, music, film and television.  We own several intellectual properties and will be going forward with these works as soon as is feasible. 

Micah Penn is the founder of this company and has worked in each of these for industries. His most extensive professional background is in theater and film. He has worked in theater in Atlanta, New York City and Los Angeles doing critically acclaimed work in each city, as well as nationally award-winning work in Atlanta. He worked for 12 years in the film industry in Los Angeles, first as a Special Events Coordinator for Arclight Hollywood Cinemas working with every major studio in Hollywood. Later working for international film festivals- American Film Institute's AFI FEST, Film Independent's LOS ANGELES FILM FESTIVAL, and the largest African American film festival in the U.S., THE PAN AFRICAN FILM and ARTS FESTIVAL. 

This company's first major project is a theater piece designed for Broadway production called, RIOT! 1906 ATLANTA. It is the story of the Atlanta Race Riot. The play tells the uplifting, but little-known  tale of how Atlanta produced the greatest  Civil Rights Leaders in America, in addition to Dr. King. 

The company is already at work on the extensive marketing campaign to promote the play in New York and around the U.S.  Our pitch deck further outlines our approach. 


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