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Hollins Entertainment .com website with a goal of becoming a  cultural  African American owned streaming app. As you will see the website feature innovative  projects,  Project 1 :HOODCASTERS  If you think you and your friends  can produce  and star in a entertaining streaming podcast featuring  your home, neighborhood, mancave  local bar, backyard as  backdrop. (Raw street  sports and politic  personalities).  The same look and style use by CNN. MSNBC . ESPN during The pandemic.   

Project 2; This tournament will turn NBA players into fan, NBA players will be routing for the ordinary man, Teams will be drawn  from Americas YMCA, BOYS CLUB  amitour  mens  leagues . Weekend Warriors.   Guys who are Post office employees , delivery driver  city workers will have  a chance of a lifetime, Collages style 1 game elimination  tournament with a split of 1 million dollars.     

Project 3;   America has 8 prominent Black Greek  fraternity and sororities. with over 1 million members, one member is the new Vice President of the United States Kamala Harris ( Alpha Kappa Alpha.] as you will see on the  website their are very famous members .This project will feature documentary  and entertainment stories of theirs lives. Michelle Obama, Alisha Keys,Jerry Rice,  Emitt Smith, President Clinton, Terrence Howard just to name a few,

Project 4;   Hollywood Talent and data builder. IMAGINATION STUDIOS recruitment program.  60 percent of  the Los Angeles, Hollywood Rideshare drivers work in entertainment business.  

This project will be strong data base building website,  Hue Hollins Jr. HOLLINS ENTERTAINMENT.COM  424-232-9397

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