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We have a successful business model but need financing to grow the business.

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We had a successful television production company. We are rebooting and need immediate financing. The access and experience we have are so vast there is no way we can fail. We know or have worked with the best in every category in film production. We not only have run some of the most successful advertising campaigns but we have dozens of scripts for movies, TV Shows, etc written by some of the best screenwriters that need to be developed. We know how to produce anything and come in under budget. Our client lists are some of the biggest and brightest spanning from P&G, the NFL to some of the best Foundations that want to change the world through helping the underserved or curing pediatric cancer. The medium of film can change the world and we have the model to do just that.  We never had the proper financing and used our own money and wore many hats on a project. We are not afraid of hard work and collaboration. We are passionate and it comes through in our work. An example-We've partnered with Tackle Kids Cancer Foundation and have been with them since the inception of the foundation 5 years ago. It is been such an amazing experience to see the donations made and what the money has done to move the needle closer to a cure. The Foundation  Tackle Kids Cancer (Eli Manning, The NY Giants, and Hackensack Meridian Health Network) has enabled us to use our messaging through video to get donors whose money is used for research and ultimately to find a cure for Pediatric Cancer. Please call us and we can set up a meeting to go over our business plan and where we see the future of our organization. As an investor, you can be a part of something bigger than all of us.

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