Hercules Electric Mobility

Raising $1M bridge to deliver first deliveries of our powerful solar electric marine drives for recreational boating, and recreational mobility, to eliminate gas and diesel power.

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Hercules Electric Marine is introducing a revolutionary electric vehicle and boat platform and drive system, with software scalable power from 10HP - 1000HP

  • We are raising $1M bridge note to deliver the first deliveries of our $60M marine drive contract, and close on next funding.  We have proprietary technologies and patents pending, as well as working prototypes of our electric boating and off-road vehicle systems. 
  • Business model is primarily selling power systems to recreational mobility OEMs and boat builders, including direct sales for repower & upfit solutions in recreational mobility.
  • We are building highly desirable electric mobility products in marine and recreational vehicles, replacing now banned gasoline and diesel power systems.
  • Designed by Pininfarina:  Hercules has partnered with the preeminent marine and automotive designers in the world to design a very attract product line.

  • We have partnership agreements in place for sales, distribution & service, advanced technologies solid-state battery and light-weight motors, and contract manufacturing for scale with low-capital.
  • First solid-state battery in recreational mobility to be deployed by 2024. 
  • $60M, 3-year contract with established boat OEM for delivering integrated Hercules marine-drive systems
  • Recreational gas engines are banned in California and CARB states starting in 2023, including generators, outboards, and RVs.
  • Hercules modular e-drive and power system is scalable and flexible to be installed into pontoon boats, launches, cruisers, and wake/ski boats and adaptable to other recreational mobility offerings, with integrated solar charging, and future solid-state batteries.
  • We had $2.5M in income in 2021.
  • We have an experienced founding and management team with 395 years of advanced product launch experience, with over a dozen EV vehicles launched.
  • Check out our info at www.Hercules-marine.com.

Thank you,
James Breyer
CEO Hercules Electric Mobility

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