Hedges Corvette, LLC

Raising $1 Mil to Convert gas powered Classic Corvettes to battery powered. Green Energy

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Classic corvette restoration looking to convert gasoline engines to electric in these classic corvettes.

My name is Jeremy Hedges.  I own a Classic Corvette restoration/building business.  Hedges Corvette, LLC was started in 2006.  I have a well established business working on only 1953-1967 Corvettes the C1 and C2 models.  We have built/restored over 150 over the years.  In the last 8 years we have been taking the original cars and installing new suspensions and engines to produce a lighter, more powerful and fuel efficient vehicle.  I now have an interest in building these cars to make them zero emissions.  My business plan would include buying inventory and selling these zero emission classic Corvettes to the public.  After we could showcase the builds we could even offer to convert existing restored Corvettes to zero emission.  Once established we may be eligible for grants and could possible convert other classic vehicles to zero emission.  (battery)


Jeremy Hedges-Owner
Hedges Corvette, LLC
1303 Concord St
Lowell, AR  72745

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