HealthSMART Coffee, LLC

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Through only word of mouth and 1ad generated, over 100 chain inquiries come in desiring to order!

We've only made sales to a few chains due to inadequate funding. Our test market coffee HealthWise Gourmet Coffee sold over $1.3M due to lack of production and packaging and shipping capital.

With no comparable coffee, we can cherry pick accounts.  While we will have a mix of business our strongest targets include convenience stores, gyms/yoga studios, drug stores, weight management centers, stores and diet companies (none of which offer coffee), online coffee stores and direct to consumers to start.

We have coffees specifically targeted towards those over 50 yrs. old, Diabetes Type2, Osteoporosis, Dieters and the only all natural/nothing added coffees with 40% less caffeine making it ideal for colleges and universities.  Over 80% of Americans drink coffee and according to the USDA and Guidelines for American Diets, all Americans are lacking in 7 nutrients and coincidentally all 7 nutrients are contained in each brewed cup in quantities ranging from 4%-22% of the FDA's  Daily Value as determined by Independent Testing Laboratories.  Our coffees are efficacious for over 400 diseases, many of them chronic.

Our entrepreneurial  investors include the former Head Counsel for the FDA and their former Head of Formulary Science and to date they have dedicated over 10 years helping us to prepare for this Launch.  The second largest shareholder in the company has been a coffee roaster for over 50 years and formerly was the back-up roaster for Keurig and Newmans Own Coffees.  

The unique, exclusive TechnoRoasting(tm) process we use was declared GRASS by the FDA the only coffee ever approved.  I am the only individual ever granted approval by the Vatican to use their name, logo and seals in connection with our marketing.

We have hundreds of testimonials!

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