Hawaii REI Fund

Raising 3 million to start a REI Fund that buys, renovates, rents, & sells residential & commercial properties

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My name is Derrick S. Smith,  I have a degree in Business Management with a minor in Finance & Marketing. I am a veteran of the U.S. Army & Navy.  I completed a Real Estate flipping course by Clever Investor. I am seeking 3 million in  funding to start a Real Estate Investment Fund that purchases, renovates,  rents & sells  Real estate properties . Funds will be used to Inc. the company, Hire an Attorney to administrate a Private  Placement Memorandum, pay myself a salary, lease office space, lease a company vehicle, & purchase 2 Hawaii Residential Homes that need renovation that are  below market value. My team consists of me as the company President & other vital team members who are not employees of my company, they are a team of people that I utilize their skillset to seek properties & crunch the property numbers, get the proper permits to renovate the property, & then put the property back on the market for rental or for sell. These people are Real Estate AGENTS, CONTRACTORS, & CLOSING AGENTS. I am offering stock equity  in the company & debt in exchange for investing.

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Hawaii REI Fund is no longer seeking funding.