HAVN Healing Center

Raising $600k to expand a rapidly growing Ketamine Clinic; ie hire more employees, marketing, launch retreats, and make additions to our space.

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HAVN Healing Center- The Future of Health and Wellness!!!!!!! 

Website- https://www.havnhealingcenter.com/ 
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/havnhealingcenter/

HAVN Healing Center is a health and wellness company focused on integrated ketamine therapy. We offer workshops, retreats, and a variety of healing modalities. Our clinic is staffed with an MD who operates as the Medical Director, a Naturopathic Dr., a Psychotherapist, Chinese Medicine practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist, and a team of facilitators. All of which have up to date credentials and proper insurance.  HAVN is a fully above board clinic registered through the DEA with all of the proper insurances to offer psychedelic treatments.  We are the most diverse and credentialed Ketamine clinic all of Washington State. Another thing that separates us from other clinics is our focus on intentionality and diversity of offerings to fit our patients needs/desires. All of our sessions have a ceremonial feeling to deepen the experience. Our focus is in allowing each individual to curate their own healing journey. The center also has a huge emphasis on building community through workshops and special events.  We are also on the cutting edge of somatic psychedelic healing, HAVN is the only clinic in the country offering Ketamine Induced Massage Therapy and Ketamine Induced Restorative Yin Yoga as well as the development of Ketamine Induced Acupuncture. Dr. Jonathan Drew is currently writing a paper on the benefits of these somatic healing modalities.  
Ketamine Offerings   . IV therapy . IM Therapy . Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy .  Ketamine Induced Massage Therapy . Group Therapy . Ketamine Induced Restorative Yin Yoga.   
Non Ketamine Offerings/Workshops  . 
Acupuncture, Qigong, Breathwork, Soundbath, Ritual Massage, Retreats, Woman's Circles, and Men's Circles.

HAVN has been seeing patients since the start of the year and has been growing at a rapid pace. The market for psychedelic therapy as well as holistic forms of health and wellness is thriving right now and is continually growing. Mental health is on the forefront of so many conversations amongst a variety of communities and big business. With the current state of the world people are realizing just how important it is do truly take care of themselves, to connect to others, and to live a life of purpose. HAVN Healing Center is here to be a beacon of hope for all of those people. Please contact us for more information. We have a detailed business plan, deck, future expansion, and forecast plan to be shared with all who are interested in supporting the future of health and wellness.

HAVN Future- Retreats (domestic and global), multiple centers in the US, growth with Psilocybin and MDMA therapy.

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