Habesha Spice

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To Whom It May Concern,
 We are an essential Ethiopian Spice and catering company. We operate as a retail and wholesale spice company along the side of cooking with the spices we carry. We currently have a website and are planning on opening a restaurant as well as a gift shop. Our new restaurant will have a similar name as the spice company. As part of giving back to the community here on St. Croix Island, we plan on using as much of the local meat and produce in our restaurant as much as possible. With our vision, we will be the first Ethiopian restaurant in the entire Virgin Islands. This is amazing because the community is looking forward to us accomplishing what we have set out to do. It has taken us years to get this far and it's been a true struggle but with our determination and strong belief, we will never give up for our dream is worth living for.
  With our spice products that come directly from Ethiopia, we repackage and resell them in our very attractive packaging and labels. We also plan on using some of our restaurant profits to buy land in Ethiopia to grow raw herbs and grains for our spice company. Part of the plan is to revolutionize the spice world with mass marketing and distribution of our spice products. If you invest in our company, you will be a part of history in the making.  Our talent in Culinary Art has inspired different communities to come together and honor us with an award for catering various events in Denver Colorado.  We have a growing YouTube channel for Habesha Spice and our customer base is growing weekly. We have excellent pricing for our product which can give a merchant fifty percent in profit if they sale our product in their stores. Habesha Spice products are extraordinarily rich in minerals and natural vitamins which promote great health. There are no filers in our spices and the riches of colors all come from natural herb blends including sundried peppers. For us, it's not just about selling spices or having just a restaurant but rather introducing the world to something that is way more healthier and super delicious Ethiopian culture infusions which all starts here right in St. Croix and with your help, we can be even better!
 We thank you in advance and look forward to your business connection.
 Mr. & Mrs. Ras Nolawi Temesgan
 Contact Phone:  510-467-8344

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