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Who we are & what we do:

H2O Industries  provides the watersports Industries strongest travel cover- each one being Tailor-built in the USA, to suit individuals personal fitment needs and preferences; And is backed by the Industries leading warranty and fitment guarantee. 

We are able to do this primarily in 3 ways:

1) we design our covers using state-of-the-art technology (which companies like Tesla or LandRover use).
2) we build our covers using the highest grade materials. (All sources from US based companies)
3) lastly,  we use all of this combined to Tailor-build each cover to meet the specifications, needs & wants of our clients

Where we've been:

Our initial product line has been within a niche of the watercraft industry,  standup & freestyle jetskis. As most of the freestyle builds have had no cover option,  we saw a need to fill- and did so to the best of our standards and abilities. 

Launching in 2020, at the height of Covid-19, we saw a total revenue of around $50k, selling close to 120 covers. 

In 2021 we increased our prices, and had a total revenue of roughly $95k, selling around 150 covers. 

Thus far in 2022, we have managed to increase our revenue over 2021 stats by over 200%, having a revenue for the month of April alone of $25k.

**can share financial details of sales and data analytics since Feb, 2019

Where we are going:

Our mission is to create a lasting and memorable experience- which is equally as tailored to our supporters as each cover is to their investments. Providing up-to-date information on their project (through text and email updates as the cover goes through each step), and going beyond the expectations of our supporters to provide the best experience- from purchase to delivery and use. 

We aim to provide the ultimate protection for those investments through the continued study and improvement of our products,  using the highest grade technologies and materials available.  This model will continually provide the highest value through unmatched quality & support, fully backed by our lifetime warranty and fitment guarantee.

- to effectively do this,  we are seeking capital in the amount of $150,000 - which will be used to purchase the necessary equipment and inventory to fully produce our product in-house (ridding ourselves of the lead time attached to sourcing 3rd parties to do things like cut, press logos or specialty sew parts required for production) **effectively cutting our lead time from weeks to days**
- we have a detailed list of what we would be investing the finances into,  including website work,  inventory, equipment, training and job creation. 
- our financial goal for the year 2022 is to have a total revenue of $200,000- done by expanding our line into sit-down models,  boats and potentially snowmobiles (to offset the seasonality of watercraft)
- we are willing to negotiate a deal that would benefit the financial backer in one of a few different paths
        -10% ROI- more than likely a 3-5 year term would be required to achieve this
        - royalties option
        - up to 10-15% stake in the company (we are female- owned,  and want to retain this benefit for future financial use,  and government contracts)

If more information is needed to assess the investment, please let me know,  and i can provide up-to-date cost/profit assessments and much more. 

Best regards, 

Brandon Quinton
H2O Industries

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