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Growing Up
Mission Statement- Engage and support at risk youth in challenging circumstances to help navigate the real world to achieve success through educating, mentoring, and advocacy, primarily focusing on individual and social risks factors that may interfere with their success.
Vision- Ensuring at risk youth and their families have the tools and resources needed to obtain educational opportunities, financial assistance, and social support to become successful. 
Guided Principles:
Growing UP has values and goals that direct our work with our youth. Inspiring, educating, and empowering our youth through understanding their needs is critical. In addition, collaborating with other DC government agencies to meet those needs are vital. Promoting our youth in the community and helping the community understand our mission and role in the city is key.  Moreover, efficiently and effectively communicating with professional programs and services that can assist our youth succeed is pivotal. Demonstrating quality standards and core values to direct our work. Handling our business in a fiscal responsible way to gain successfully recognition for the proven work that we do in our community is important. Overall, we believe being consistent, illustrating care and compassion to our youth will lead them in the right direction.  

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