Raising 1.5Million$ to develop a high profitable App

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Our company aims to manage an innovative dating App who will impact user's life. We project to have a profit of at least 30 millions $ in 2022 and more than 900 millions $ in 2027.

Business Platforms & Projects
GoldenLove’s first project will be a dating app – DatenWin ( The app aims
to offer a social network-driven user interaction, connection, and dating experience that allows users to
also share pictures, videos, and daily stories. We aim to build an active base of subscribers, with contests
for best pictures, videos, and daily stories held on a regular basis. Every month, winning subscribers can
earn prizes starting at $1,000. Through this innovative prize strategy, DatenWin will be the first
dating app in the world to give money back to its users through exciting prizes and giveaways, including
an annual grand prize where top subscribers are recognized with an all-expenses-paid trip to cities around
the world and cash prizes of up to $100,000. To grow the DatenWin app’s membership subscription
levels and encourage high engagement among members, the app’s subscribers must have held a premium
membership within three months of contests to win.

Our second project will be a VIP camshow site ( The website will be designed from
the ground up for discerning very, very important persons (VVIPs) seeking 5-star luxury camshow sites.
Performers can rent showrooms on the site for $1,000 per month, while VVIP followers can pay fees of
$80 to access showrooms, where they can send tips and request private showsPerformers to sell private
albums and sponsor other performers, with guaranteed fees from VVIPs (i.e., no free showroom entry).

Business Strategy & Differentiation
GoldenLove will be a social network with truly unique functionalities that help separate it from competing
dating apps and platforms. Our apps will reward regular users with a range of prizes through various
monthly contests and giveaways to encourage optimal engagement across our target markets and keep
users coming back for moer. Users must be premium members to qualify (which in turn drives up premium
membership rates and increases member engagement. User comfort and safety are also paramount –
unlike many other dating apps, no profile will be accepted if it does not have a photo and is not verified
and certified in accordance with our platform usage policies.

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