Girly Stuff, Inc

Raising $300K to launch Girly Stuff, Inc. an entertainment tech-enabled brand for girls worldwide.

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Girly Stuff, Inc. is an entertainment tech-enabled startup targeted to tween/teen girls worldwide with a Hispanic/Multicultural niche.  

  • Tween and teen girls 8-17 are the most-likely demographic group to be drawn to Girly Stuff, Inc. content delivered on multi-tech enabled platforms, and branded merchandise. ​
  • According to Teen Spending & Behavior, there are 30M US teens aged 13-19 yielding over 200B in purchasing power. Young Latinas, and all girls of color represent a massive audience with tremendous spending power, and they want to see themselves genuinely represented in  film and television shows.​
  • Today, we live in a multicultural world…All things considered, our world is leaning more towards a tech-enabled experience especially for today’s  youth. Girly Stuff, Inc. Is the brand with the content creators that can offer this all-inclusive experience.​
Carmen Ayala Brown – Founder/ Content Creator, 20 years of writing and creative development for children's and family television series programming including feature film and animation production.  2017, 2018,  2019, 2020, and presently 2021 Daytime Emmy Awards Judge for Outstanding Writing in the Children's Animated Television Series Programming Category.

​David Kwok - (Tiny Island Animation Production) – Founder/Director of animation development & production company. Over 20 years of industry experience.

The App Heads are slated to develop, publish and market the new Girly Stuff, Inc. interactive / subscription based app. 

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Girly Stuff, Inc is no longer seeking funding.