Broward County, FL is the recovery capital of the world. Although many people unfortunately never have the opportunity to get a 2nd chance at life, a lot of us have! Working a program of AA, NA, CA, EA etc is great and also a lot of work. Attending meetings, going out to dinner after, trying to find a place to fit in and have fun without drugs or alcohol is unfortunately almost impossible.  South Florida needs a sober bar! A place that people can go to play pool, shoot darts, play music on the jukebox, order non-alcoholic FUN drinks, and of course eat! This sober bar would not only be a safe haven to people in recovery but so much more. Everyone wants to be apart of a sober bar but no one has the knowledge or ambition to run one, but I DO. This Sober Bar would be a monument for all states who are struggling with the opioid epidemic. Many times people roll the dice and go onto a real bar just to play pool or dance. Taking a risk like that just to have fun is like playing roulette with your life. We can be the change, we can make a difference. 

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