For the Love of Dogs NY

Raising 300K to open Westchester County's first Dog-Friendly Café, Indoor Dog Park, K9 Training & Social Club

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In New York, over 27% of households own dogs. With a population of about 19 million people that equals 4.75 million dogs! But this is no surprise because studies have shown that dog ownership brings with it many benefits.

This is why, during the COVID-19 pandemic Americans added dogs to their family more than ever before! 
So, as a new pup parent, the moment I brought my girl Roxie home, I was in love...

As a first time dog owner, I needed to learn the in's and out's of raising a puppy and I wanted to build relationships with other dog owners. But I found it so difficult to do so. The COVID Pandemic shut down most training clubs and as the change in weather came, it was more difficult to get her out to our local dog parks. It was also difficult for me to enjoy the dog parks, because they cater to the needs of the dogs and not the owners.  But I was determined to keep her socialized. So I searched, and searched online for any businesses that could provide me with indoor spaces and services that would allow me to learn, play and hang with Roxie and others. But to no avail, no other option could be found.

So, I thought, “What if there was a dog-friendly café and training facility that would be comfortable and fun for dogs and their owners and that would help grow the bond between human and his/her best friend?”

Welcome to: For the Love of Dogs NY LLC… 


Recent statistics have shown that since the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, the number of dogs being surrendered back to shelters has gone up 12%. As people head back to work, there will be a greater need for services that will help dogs adjust to being left home alone as their owner's transition back to work. Dog owners find themselves with few options to exercise their pups year long.


"For the Love of Dogs" can make a positive impact on this number. Here dog owners will be provided with K9 education, climate-controlled space for them and their dogs to stay active year-long, and financially flexible pricing and memberships for daily care. This community of support will provide the tools and resources they need to prevent them from having to surrender the family pet.

The Market

● According to the Pet Industry Distribution Association, in 2020 Americans spent 8.1 billion dollars on boarding, grooming, training, pet sitting and all services outside of vet care.

● It is predicted that spending will increase to $9.7 billion in 2021. 60% of that spending come from higher-income households and Westchester County is leading the nation with the number of wealthy communities.

● Our business will be located 2 to 8 miles from Scarsdale, Rye, Larchmont and Bronxville. In 2020, Residents in these towns have average household incomes ranging from $324,000 up to $452,000 (2nd greatest in the country).

● While there are other dog daycare and grooming facilities, "For the Love of Dogs" will be the ONLY Dog-Friendly Café and boarding facility that allows dog owners in. This will build trust and demand for our facility over others.


Since February of 2020, I have spent countless hours of time developing and revising my business plan. I have invested $10,000 which has allowed me to file my LLC, publish my business in local ads, create my website, business logo, fund my profile here, purchase my business address and conduct some local marketing.

I have researched all the local municipalities and was able to locate a permitted space in New Rochelle that will provide the visibility, access and parking needed for people to get through our doors with their "furry" friends.

As we are the first of its kind I have learned how to build out our café so that it will pass inspection and am currently working with contractors on bids for the construction and once funded we can begin! 

Concerns Addressed

Worried about the health and safety of the dogs? Throughout the play park, we will install flooring that will provide a softer surface for the dog’s joints and is non-porous, easy to clean and disinfect.

The Antimicrobial Technology built into the vinyl will help to fight off any bacteria that is tracked by the playing pups. We will add an indoor turf filtration system, to provide an area in which we will encourage the dogs “to go”. These stations are made with a raised surface so that the liquids are drained out below and can be sanitized and dried each night.

To ensure the safety of all our furry visitors, dog handlers (trained and by our Certified Dog Trainer) will conduct temperament tests and vaccination record checks for each dog.


  • First of its kind Dog-Friendly Indoor Café with Off-Leash Play Park
  • Self-Service Washing Stations and Grooming Appointments
  • Doggie Retail, Photo Booth & Party Room to celebrate Doggie Birthdays
  • In 2020, Americans spent $8.1bn on pet grooming, training & vet care
  • Providing individual or Small Group K9 Training

The Deal

  • As a loan, I can offer a 10% interest rate with a repayment plan of 10 to 15 years for the 300K. If investing a smaller amount the repayment terms can be negotiated.
  • For an investment of $300K, I am willing to offer 30% equity of the business until a 200% Return on Investment has been provided.

I am looking for an "Angel" who can provide the funding needed for the build-out of the space. This is a passion project for me, so I'm hoping to have an investor that believes in the business I am looking to bring, would like to be a silent or more involved partner but most of all, one who wants to show off their "love of dogs". 

The Team

Right now our team consists of my business manager, Barbara Finiguerra, and myself. Once we are funded and get closer to opening, we will be able to hire a few certified dog trainers to help us hire and train our play park dog handlers.

The trainers will continue to work part-time to help supervise the handlers and to provide private and group training to customers who purchase the service.  

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