Fontaine's (Austin'sDailyAuction)

Raise 300K for building a workable website, Already knowledgeable in this field. Have outside sources to recommend for people to maximize profit potential, without all the charges

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Local auction site to help people get funds same day. Eliminate Pawn Shops, that have 700% interest. Ten dollar fee per transaction,3 items per ten dollars. I am just a service platform, who is out here to make a financial difference in the lives of people that need it. Donations are welcome free of charge. These can go into an auction, automatically generating a tax write-offs., at point of donation. All other transactions are a simple model. Similar to Ebay (used for example only) and Craig's List (used for example only)but focused on local pick up local markets. Flea market meets the internet. It is a site for people as said to get same day funding through an online auction site. I have 12 domain sites, plus 36 more pending for other cities. This puts the users in control of their funding to get out of debt. Eight hours per auction, to give a person the ability to choose the value of their items. As a daily funding site, consumers can control(without reservation) and expect funding to be as per plan.

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