FloMobile Wireless INC.

MVNO (cellphone provider) looking to sell to an unreached audience.

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We are a MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) similar to Cricket Wireless, etc. We already have signed agreements with AT&T and Verizon. We are asking for funding in order to expand our broadband services. With the right equipment, which we already have a supplier, in combination with the right data plans, we have the potential to reach thousands of customers with very little manpower needed.  Using existing LTE infrastructure, we can reach a market that is plagued with unreliable sources of broadband internet.  A customer orders a system, it's delivered in a couple of business days, they plug the device in and they have internet, it's that simple. Best of all the average (spiff) or compensation is $25-$55 per line. We are expecting to reach 34,000 customers within the next few months and need funding in order to supply this demand. Shipping and fulfillment has already been put into place, now all we need is help with our supply and advertisements.  Our strategy is to use clever social media marketing along with direct to consumer marketing. 

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