Five TMS AI: Transportation Management Software for Manufacturers and Big Box Retailers

Raising Capital for our QP Feature: All profits will go to investor until $8m is returned: 2-3 year return: NO LOANS!

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Disclaimer: We are not looking for a loan, we are not looking for a "knowledgeable tag along"  Serious Investors only: All others will be ignored. 

Five TMS AI is a procurement  and Supply Chain Management software.
Our customers: Big box retailers, manufacturers or in other words "Shippers" 

We are seeking for investor that is willing to help us grow and expand our quick pay feature. This feature is a capital gain.  
Seeking: $15m for 25% equity.

Return: Our quick pay feature: $400k net profit/Month : 2-3 year return (all profits on this feature will go towards returning the $8m in investments to the investor)
What is the quick pay feature?  When carriers invoice the shipper it takes about net 30 days to get paid from the shipper. Five TMS AI quick pay will purchase the carriers invoice for 5% 
Each invoice is $2,000-$6,000. Carriers don't have enough revenue to wait 30 days to get paid, that's where we purchase the invoice for 5% fund the carrier  in 3 days and invoice the manufacturer with a notice of assignment Over 40,000-78,000 shipments are estimated to go through the software.

$7m will go towards upgrading  our servers and cleaning up AI servers to accommodate for extremely high traffic. We also need to hire staff for the new quick pay feature and staff for auditing and approvals of invoices. We also need to add a new add on called Supplier's Portal.

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What does Five TMS AI do?
Five TMS Ai is making headlines from small business to large, big box retailers and manufacturers, with industry leaders lining up to learn more about Five TMS, we wanted to go over some of the amazing features the software provides. Five TMS goal is to become the main procurement software for all retailers and manufacturers. Let’s dive right into the features! 

On-boarding carriers: Carrier on boarding has been a drag and sometimes over whelming as compliance and insurance restrictions and policies are constantly changing. In most cases, shippers don’t know what all documents are forged and when a carrier claims they are asset how can they verify that. Five TMS AI has put an end to guessing games and risk on carriers. With Five TMS AI on boarding a carrier is easier then ever. When you select onboard carrier on the software you will be presented with 3 questions. Carrier email, carriers dot number or carriers MC number, and that it! From there the AI server will gather the carrier’s insurance, safety ratings, inspection reports, FMCSA Safer background, CSAA report and validity of those documents.

Five TMS AI server is quite impressive, it gathers carrier’s documents and validity through major sources and FMCSA reports. After the server has pulled all this information and data from the carrier, the next step is a human inspection. Our Five TMS staff will double check the inspection report, validate the documents with the insurance company and put it through a “Altered Tool” to verify if any documents provided by the carrier is not altered. Finally, the Five TMS staff will either approve or deny the carrier depending on the results. If the carrier is approved the carrier will receive a Certificate of Authenticity number or cert number that is published on the software for your overview. This will let you know the carrier has passed the 100% compliance and is safe to use. If the carrier has not passed the 100% 

 compliance on-boarding inspection the carrier will NOT have the cert number however, Five TMS will send you an email explaining why the carrier was not approved. You may still accept the carrier to continue doing business with you, but the carrier will NOT have a cert number and will Not have access to the carrier marketplace. All this is done under 45 minutes or less, don’t let on boarding carriers ever slow you down on moving freight again. One great feature is the carrier look up, carrier look up allows you to check a carrier’s MC number or DOT number before you onboard a carrier. This will give you an accurate result of who your carrier is and if they will get approved. So, next time a carrier wants to do business with you and before you do, we recommend to always check the carriers MC number or DOT number to verify some of their background and safety reports before on boarding. That way your time won’t go to waste on a carrier that is not worth your time. 

But that is only 2 of the features that the software does, another great and robust feature is the spot market. The spot market is a feature unlike others, once you build your load and by the way the software does indeed save the full address, contacts and company name of pick up and delivery.  You will progress through on where you would like to send that load off to you can simply send it directly to the spot market where all your carriers in your network will get an opportunity to bid on your freight and one great key of this it does show the carrier what was the lowest bid, in order to keep your carriers on their toes on competitive bidding. But you can also send it to the marketplace as well, sending it to both locations can guarantee you the most cost savings and the most bang for your buck! When sending it to the spot market you can simply choose your most competitive carrier and click award, from their the carrier will receive a email notification stating that they have been awarded and once they approve your tender, the software will notify you and auto generate a PDF rate confirmation that shows the full company name, address, pick up time, if it needs appointments or not, rate and equipment type and it does have a section for notes in case you missed something. If you choose a carrier from the Carrier marketplace there is 2 ways of selecting your marketplace, the first is you can select the book it not feature, This means you have a budget in mind and if anyone can do it for that budget they are capable of booking it immediately or you can select accepting offers. When selecting accepting offers, you will receive over thousands of offers from carriers in the marketplace ready to take your freight. This keeps your cost and overhead low. So, what happens if a marketplace carrier takes your freight? Simple, once you award or if the carrier selects book it now you will receive a notification stating that a marketplace carrier has either booked it now or made an offer if you agree with that offer, a button will show up stating to onboard carrier and that it. Since they are already a carrier that’s already vetted, they will simply just add your company as the cert holder, sign your NDA’s and contracts and done. By the way, Five TMS AI gathers your NDA’s and Contracts up front that way every time a carrier on boards with you your contracts will go directly to the carrier. Once they pass the vetting process. This eliminates your on boarding time and staff. If you currently don’t have an NDA or Contract, we highly recommend using one of Five TMS AI template contracts we provide. Simple and secure is the key success of this software. Please don’t forget after each load that is delivered you will receive a rate your carrier from 1-5 stars those reviews are viewed through the whole software so next time a carrier doesn’t pick up a load on time you will know, as the reviews say it all. All reviews on the app are anonymous and only viewable by the shippers.

Let’s talk about Auto Tenders, Auto Tenders is a very clever feature that is probably the handiest tool in the software. When creating an Auto Tender its quite like building a load except there is no PO#, pallet count, Dates and Time. Let’s say you ship from Houston, Texas to Jacksonville, Florida at least 5 times a week or more. You can save that lane as an auto tender prefill all the address, details and give it a lane name. You can even add a contracted carrier and rate. Once a shipment is ready to go that is in the auto tender your simply click on the lane name, type in the PO#, quantity of pallets, date, time and any extra notes and tender. Just that easy. This tool is great for contracted lanes as your whole 1st 2nd and 3rd shift will know exactly what price and what carrier to tender when shipment is ready to go. Auto Tender is highly recommended on lanes that ship in a daily or weekly basis as it keeps track of your contracted carrier and the rate. Did I mention that everything on the software is capable of editing? Yes, everything from tenders to auto tenders and more you can edit or add for example, a new address or an extra stop or a new carrier. We know things change in operations from day to day and we want to make sure Five TMS AI will adapt to you. 

Your freight in one place, from running your RFP to managing your loads from day to day, you can keep track of your freight and track status in one platform.  We did this by providing your loads on one screen and having the capabilities to filer to open loads, completed loads, Tendered loads, Edited loads, delivered loads, Late loads, Urgent loads, paid and claims. Our advanced filter can present your entire workplace of your transportation.  Simple is key, we have noticed and tested that simplicity gets the most work done. Why create something so complicated that requires your precious time just to learn to use and waste carriers time when we already know they won’t read the PDF’s when it comes to training. This is why Five TMS is born it creates a simple easy to use software and training… well let’s just say anyone can do it. If your carriers still struggle with the software, we don’t just give them PDF’s we give them full videos of step-by-step process on a per workload feature view. You can simply give your carriers this link if they are stuck on something ( When navigating through my loads menu and selecting the freight you want to view the menu shows the entire details from load status from the carriers to the full freight details and pricing. We have made a software that puts a stop to TMS searching. Let’s face it how many times have you switched your TMS provider? Did I mention you can request pod’s directly from the TMS? Once a load is delivered, simply click request pod and your carrier will receive a notification to upload the pod.


 We did a case study before building Five TMS, the study was to learn more about shippers and shipper’s operations. We noticed that majority of the users were always setting up reminders on their calendars and some also wrote sticky notes to remind them of an urgent note or a simple reminder of a load that is shipping in the upcoming week. We took this into action and created reminders add on. No matter what menu you are on you can easily select the remind icon at the top and create a reminder for yourself. You can also create a reminder on a certain load, claim or any event or menu on the software. Once a reminder is set, a notification will pop up depending on the time and date you have set it to. This will slay away from sticky notes or phone alarms that are just not as convenient. These are the little things that matter to us, and we took that extra step to make sure your operations are flowing without any interruptions or annoying alarm clocks. 

Freight spend and operations data, When a software is so advanced and your whole transportation operations runs through it, you will need to make sure data tracking and auditing is easy and downloadable. If your current TMS provider is not doing that then you need to switch immediately as keeping track of your freight spend and total data is a must! One of the best and coolest features that I personally love about the software is that it tracks your entire freight spend and freight data. The software is able to track on a per weekly, Monthly and yearly basis. The software gathers data from pretty much everything you do and it makes it available for your to download. If your ever wanted to pull data on how much revenue a carrier has completed with you or how many loads a carrier has hauled for you it’s as simple as a click of a button. This also will keep you in the know as what carriers are performing and hauling. Where if a carriers is not bidding or gaining revenue from your freight then why keep him on your carrier network? Pull your weekly freight spend and audit, When you pull an audit the software will break it down. For example, if you did $585,500 the software will shows you all the carriers who ran that week along with quantity of loads and the break down per dollar. The software can also break it down to each load. Pretty amazing and handy tool when you need to keep track of your freight budget. 

 First ever freight claims management, freight claims can be nerve wrecking and time consuming task when they accrue and the worst of it all is keeping up with the claims. Five TMS has its own claims management, you can now file a freight claim directly on the TMS. When a claim arises what is your procedure? How do you keep track of the claim? We take the how and when to here. Filing a claim is now easier then ever, you can click on a load that has the damaged freight and file through there or you can go to the claims menu and file a claim. Once you create a new claim, the software will ask for dollar value, documents and the carrier unless you select to claim from my loads menu directly. The claim will process through to an Ai server, that server will send the claim to the carrier, Admin, Shipper(you) and the insurance company. Since we on board carriers we link the carriers insurance through our software. Once the claim has been received either the insurance company or the carrier can update the status of each claim giving you the piece of mind you deserve. To top it off the insurance company contact information will be displayed each time you file a cargo loss and the insurance will update you on payment. You can keep track of all your cargo claims all in one place. 

 Conclusion, from marketplace chat to bulk shipment upload. We are ready to provide shippers the most competitive edge technology in the market. With our new RFP software that will be integrated to Five TMS AI, We are ready to take your business to new hights. One other major updates releasing is our Carrier Quick Pay. Since standards terms are net 30 days from invoice. Carriers will have the option to have Five TMS AI purchase their invoice for a 1-3 day pay date. This works by Five TMS AI purchasing the invoice from the carrier and invoicing the shipper(you) while we wait the net 30 days and your carriers are paid 1-3 days .. This will keep you moving more freight on competitive pricing as carriers will get paid instantly from us. Please read our terms and conditions regarding the upcoming quick pay service* Please note that quick pay is a credit feature that allows credit to each shipper. Each shipper credit limit will vary. Five TMS Ai has done a study that carriers are willing to take freight for 20% lower if the payment is quicker.  This is just one way of keeping your freight more competitive then ever.

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