First & Main Holdings LLC

Re - Vitalizing Main Street America - Building By Building - Brick By Brick.

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About Us:

We are a real estate holding and investment company with decades of construction and development experience including: high rise and boutique hotels, shopping centers, mixed use, restaurants and planned communities. 

About Our Goal:

Moving forward with plans to re invigorate Keokuk, Iowa a community hit hard by the shutdowns and aftermath related to Covid - 19.  This is a strong community in one of Iowa's oldest and storied cities with beautiful surroundings and growth potential. 

About Main Street America:

The purchase, rehab, redevelopment, stabilization,  hold and lease of commercial and mixed use properties that line Main Street  including an indoor / outdoor shopping mall with a new movie theater and anchor stores that sit at the edge of Main Street and The Mississippi River.

About The Tourism Economy:

This area is surrounded by The Mississippi River which brings visitors by car and or bus through Downtown / Main Street to explore local sites as well as neighboring areas re vitalizing Main Street will replace the missing amenities and stops such as restaurants, cafes, boutiques, galleries and coffee shops.

About The Local Economy:

With a newly built South Eastern Community College, manufacturing, industrial and agricultural businesses providing stable and lasting employment, affordable housing, a highly rated schools there is something for everyone. When you picture a post card of Main Street this is it.

About The Funds:

Funds will be used to secure properties that become available along Main Street and rehab currently owned properties and the purchase and redevelopment of an indoor / outdoor shopping mall with a new movie theater and anchor stores.

About The Payoff:

A revitalized Main St. / Downtown area that will increase traffic visiting retail and restaurants is a win for everyone: including the local population, tourists, us and our investors. Funds can be repaid by a percentage of ownership and or monthly rent once properties are rehabbed and stabilized and or treated as a loan with interest only payments for the first 3  years or an agreeable HYBRID version.

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First & Main Holdings LLC

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