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Re - Vitalizing Main Street America - Building By Building - Brick By Brick.

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About Us:

We are a real estate holding company with decades of construction & development experience including: high rise & boutique hotels, shopping centers, mixed use, restaurants & planned communities. Our current model and strategy is the purchase, rehab, rebranding, redevelopment, stabilization, hold & lease of over 200,000 sq ft of commercial & mixed - use properties on Main Street  in South East Iowa. 

About Our Plan:

Moving forward with plans to re invigorate Keokuk, Iowa a community hit hard by the shutdowns &  aftermath related to Covid - 19.  This is a strong agriculture & manufacturing community in one of Iowa's oldest &  storied cities with beautiful surroundings & unlimited growth potential. 

About Main Street America:

The purchase, rehab, rebranding, redevelopment, stabilization,  hold & lease of over 200,000 sq. ft. of commercial &  mixed use properties that line Main Street  including an indoor / outdoor shopping mall with a new movie theater & anchor stores that sit at the edge of Main Street & The Mississippi River .

Why Main Street:

Main Street matters. Main Street helped define American cities & towns that shaped this countries identity & economy. Throughout the years with freeways, bypasses & a rush to get to the destination Main Street has been left behind by developers & the traditional banking system. A thriving Main Street  that boast tourism, shopping, dining & entertainment is an essential part of all communities. The success of this project will span generations in this area.

About The Tourism Economy:

This area is surrounded by The Mississippi River which brings visitors by car & or bus through Downtown / Main Street to explore local sites as well as neighboring areas. Re vitalizing Main Street will replace the missing amenities & stops such as restaurants, cafes, boutiques, galleries & coffee shops to capture the tourism capital. 

About The Local Economy:

With a newly built South Eastern Community College, manufacturing, industrial & agricultural businesses providing stable & lasting employment, affordable housing, highly rated schools there is something for everyone. When you picture a post card of Main Street this is it.

About The Funds:

Funds will be used for:

1. The purchase, rehab, rebranding, redevelopment & stabilization  of properties that become available along Main Street . [Off - market properties are continually solicited]
2. The rehab, rebranding, redevelopment &  stabilization of currently [Company - First & Main Holdings] owned properties along Main Street.
3. The purchase, rehab, rebranding, redevelopment & stabilization of an indoor / outdoor shopping mall with a new movie theater & anchor stores that sit at the intersection of Main Street & The Mississippi River.

About The Payoff:

1. A revitalized Main St. / Downtown area that will increase traffic visiting retail & restaurants is a win for everyone: including the local population, tourists, us &  our investor[s].
2. With a 3 year projection of a stabilized 200,000.000 sq. ft. of commercial and mixed use space with a high Class B lease value of $17.00 to $25.00  per sq. ft. gross return ranges from $3,400,000.00 to $5,000,000.00 yearly at full occupancy.

About The Security:

Funds can be repaid by a percentage of ownership and or monthly rent once properties are rehabbed and stabilized and or treated as a loan with interest only payments for the first 3  years or an agreeable HYBRID version.

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