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Raising funds for the production of an independent feature-length action film.

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"Doc" - A former Special Forces medic-turned-firefighter is pushed to the brink by a local drug kingpin when his partner is almost killed. And when his wife and daughter are kidnapped, he reunites with his battle buddies to take on the drug gang and rescue his family.

Original screenplay by Hank Slaughter who, previously wrote, produced, and directed the award-winning suspense film "A Deadly Charter," now available on Prime Video. 

The film would be shot entirely in the state of Texas, qualifying it for a number of state-sponsored incentives and grants. The city of Corsicana has already expressed interest in hosting the production. Corsicana has been designated as a "film-friendly city" by the Texas Film Commission. Past productions have benefited from very generous perks from local businesses such as hotels and catering, friendly cooperation from police and fire officials, and aggressive post-production marketing by city officials.

The current production climate in Hollywood suggests the increased demand for content from all distributors and streaming services will continue for a long time and thus generate a substantial ROI in record time. Additionally, films in this genre tend to be popular across a wide demographic so distributors and streaming services are quick to add them to their respective libraries, even without A-list Hollywood names attached.

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