We are looking to change the way employers and candidates connect with recruiters online.

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Headquartered in LA, we are a web application ( that helps candidates and employers more effectively connect with recruiters online. Our approach is relationship-driven as our mission is not just to connect our users, but also foster long term relationships. Job seekers can use Fastpoke as a networking tool to explore opportunities while employers and use Fastpoke as a resource for talent acquisition. We connect our users primarily through seamless call scheduling and written referrals.

Our MVP was launched just a few weeks ago where 100 recruiters, a few employers, and  25 candidates have signed up coast-to-coast. Our growth strategy is to focus on acquiring recruiters first. ALL of our attention has gone to acquiring recruiters to create viability for employers and candidates. Every recruiter creates a personal profile (linked to a company page) where they can showcase their specialties, experience, and placements through referrals. Using these, we allow employers and candidates to easily source the right recruiters to work with. Recruiters can sync their work calendar with the platform and create availability (time slots) to show. Using these time slots, employers and candidates can send a call request after filling out a quick, but thorough form. This includes a resume or job requisition to be sent. Our objective in doing this is to streamline the process between discovery, making the connection, and getting on the phone. Therefore, increasing the chances that each connection made on Fastpoke is far more likely to be a meaningful one. Two months after every call, we will send you a reminder (to the recruiter) to touch base and reconnect for another call should they choose to do so. 

Our platform is free for everyone as we focus on growth and traction. Our plan is to implement a recruiter subscription fee in 10 months as our primary source of revenue. As our secondary source of revenue we aim to implement sponsored search results that will allow recruiters to boost their profiles by listing themselves 1st or 2nd given certain search preferences. We are looking to raise $75K in angel investment for operating and marketing expenses to take us to the next level. We have raised $25K in outside capital via SAFE agreements this month and a total of $90K has been invested. 

We are a team of 5, with 3 cofounders. We all recently graduated from college and are working on Fastpoke full-time. Sarper Tutuncuoglu, our CTO, is the technical cofounder who is responsible for writing the backend of the platform. Taylan Uner is the COO and helps manage customer acquisition and strategy. I am Darren Newman, the CEO and Founder. I have a ton of knowledge regarding the recruitment industry as I have worked in the industry and my father was a recruiter for 30 years. Using this, I am to a develop a product that resonates with good recruiters, employers, and candidates alike. We work closely with 6 veteran recruiters (advisors) as consultants to give us the perspective we nee to create a more viable platform. Fastpoke is also partnered with Goji Labs, a development company in LA that provides us with frontend development and technical consulting.

We are not only looking for investors, but partners who can make an impact beyond the dollars. User acquisition is tough and we are looking for investors to help consult us through the process. We look forward to meeting  and hopefully partnering with you for this journey!

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