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Start up venture, focused on the agricultural online market space. Specialising in connections of customer to suppliers.

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Targeting the multi billion dollar agricultural sector WORLD WIDE

The company will be a focused online and app based marketing tool with the aim of connecting the Customers with the suppliers through a social media type settings with support. 

I have noticed though my experience Contracting to the agricultural sector for the past 7 years,  that it is on the verge of a new technological boom in the industry. This is due to the fact that the later generations (old farmers) are now handing there farms down to the new generations (millennials) which are more user friendly with new technologies and understand the need and the applications around being ahead of the game with technologies.

There is currently nothing of this capacity and with this much opitunity to grow servicing the agricultural sector in the manner of what I have in mind.

I am not willing to give any more information in relation to this, with out signed conferdentualaly agreements, as I believe markets will and executed this could lead to a $billion dollar company. In as little as 2 to 4 years if executed correctly. 

I have been planning this out for the past 10 years and and now ready to get this off the ground before another idea takes its place.

I have had 2 idea's of similar nature before, that others have then done and are now worth 100's of millions. I don't want to miss this one.

The time is now!

I am looking for a initial, $1million dollar + investment into the start up of this company to fund.
Percentage and profit sharing to be determined at a later date (relevant to involvements and connections that leads to rapid growth and success) I would won't to keep 70% stake at this point in time.

Leaving a potential 30% company stake up for grabs

Financial investments required to cover on start up. 

Over heads, covering development and start up.
1. Marketing
2. Design and construction of Web and App developments
3. IT support
4. Employee's, sales reps and call centres (I have a really good idea of getting best candidates to fill these potions also with minimal company expenditures and training)
5. Purchase of nessasary assets (vehicles, offices computers etc)
6. Legal costs and requirements
7. Costs in relation to seminars and attending field days etc to target our attended audience  directly (face to face) means alot to the farming communities of any age.
Trust is earned not bought in this industry

I am also looking  for connections. 
1. Trusted IT specialises, app & Web site designs.
2. Marketing and logistics specialist's 
3. World connections to make company internationaly recognised and used. 
4. Online business specialist's 

As you can see from what I am looking for as a start up is alot of expertise in this field as it is out side my realm of expertise. I have experience in project management in a different industry which I will utilise to monitor the successful execution of the development and best marketing practices needed in a region/ state setting to gain traction and the foundation required for success. 

The 1 million investment actual operation costs will be quite minimal with the structure I have in mind, but the anticipated growth of the venture is what will require alot of funding to support. As once the words out I believe this will take off like wild fire. 

So please reach out for more information if it sounds interesting, sorry for it being secretive. As you can appreciate I can't take the chance of another well financed and backed company or individual getting on the front foot. 

I have all ready commenced ground works in relation to this, and with the investment I will be able to move full time into getting this exsiting  project off the ground.

It's success is going to be heavierly determined around its marketing . So if this is you, or you have great connections in this field also you will be top of the list. 

Second round Capital financing will be required for a world wide launch out side of Australia. 

Thanks for your time. 

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