Famous Wear Inc.

Raising money to produce a global brand and make over 30 million dollars to esteem the economy

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Hi! My name is Tiana Holmes and I am the CEO and Founder of Famous Wear Inc. My global brand is estimated to make over 30 million  to 6 billion dollars in sales in the next twenty-five years. We are trying to produce products and services that will help people look fly and dope, since it's a clothing line.
The fashion industry can make 3 trillion dollars in the next seven years. Most African Americans with clothing lines have lucrative ideas that set them up to make billions like Jay-Z , Russell Simmons and Daymond John. My customers are 16-68 years old. In the last 10 years sales have gone up up to 285 billipn dollars for the fashion industry. I would like to be the next multi millionaire in my family and produce an empire. I would like to do  a pre-launch and gain the advantage by doing pre-orders and take the brand into Jamaica and London someday. I hope to make over 30 million dollars by doing an online store and hiring brand ambassdors to sell through commercials and bus ads. I would to gain the advantage by also doing a t.v. show to hire the world's greatest fashion designer. 
My second plan is to do dinner banquets to raise capital for my company and business to pay back my angel investors and release a book to help others become a uncommon billionaire or millionaire in there generation. The brand will be promoted on social media sites. I registered the business, waiting on Ein number now and I plan to hire  the best fashion designer, Chief financial officer, models and marketing manager. I started the brand December 23,2018. I have studied business and my GED until I can get my digital marketing degree and Business Administration degree from Clark Atlanta University. I plan on going for my Marketing degree as a Master Degree.  I had the pleasure of taking 10 free business classes at Guidford Technical Community College. I'm passionate, determined to succeed and I'm strong enough to make sound decisions.

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