Raising $300,000 to develop a new Video Social Media App

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CineIt: A New Way to Experience Video Social Media (A Community based video development)

At CineIt we are revamping how people are interacting with each other on video social media apps. Through CineIt we are bringing individuals together to develop videos to be displayed on the app. All current social media apps are designed solely for the individual. Through CinIt it will allow small groups, and the public to create videos together.

App Outline
Videos are created by multiple people adding individual clips one after the other. Clips can be voted on by the public and if majority of user like the new addition then it remains on. If majority dislike the new clip then it is removed and then someone else can add to it.

Each Video is customizable on who can add to it along with the parameters. Newly added clips are voted on by the public; if majority likes the new clips then it remains, if majority dislikes it then the newly added clip is removed so someone else can add to it. The public acts as their own moderators in a way.

Able to follow individual videos so you can be notified of when you can add your own clips to them.

School Projects
Funny Video Compilations
Reaction Videos
Q & A Sessions

With CineIt individual clips are monetized and not individual persons. Once a video reaches a certain amount of views or people following it ads will be displayed (preroll, mdrollor postroll ads).  Since there can be multiple contributors to 1 video multiple people can receive ad funds for 1 video. The funds as of right now will be dispersed evenly between all contributors. Coins or in app purchases of digital currency that can be shared with your favorite contributors as well. Paid version of the app to get priority of adding clips to videos and no ads.

Gen Z/Millennials and some older generation. All those who want to get any residual income from viral videos. Since there can be multiple contributors for 1 video it can have a wider range of audience from each of the contributors. It is estimated that Millennials and Gen Z will drive social media spending to $1.2 Trillion by 2025. Roughly Millennials and Gen Z spend roughly 4 hours a day on social media apps

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