Family Crane, LLC

Raising capital to provide Wind/Solar/Oil & Gas Industries with the bigger cranes

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Family Crane, LLC is comprised of 3 families coming together to provide a solution for our Energy Companies that require the larger, All Terrain Crane hoisting needs. Currently there is not a company that resides in the State of Texas that has the ability to provide the higher tonnage from 625t - 950t Cranes that are needed to assist and maintain our Oil & Gas/Wind and Solar Energy needs. These cranes are being driven in from the surrounding states which cost the  energy companies approximately a quarter of a million more then it would to have a local company who understands the client as well as the equipment.  

Our company's collective experience includes 20 years of managing/operating these types of cranes, other operators with 15 years of finance and customer service, and vender relations. We are capable of handling the inbound inflation of client needs for the State of Texas.

There is a Market Opportunity for us to take advantage of, to be the leading locally owned and operated all service crane company for Texas. The Major market that we are seeking to capitalize on is the Wind Energy due to where we are located. According to our area is right in the middle of the 3 largest Wind Turban Farms in the United States. 

We are seeking investors to purchase 3 Liebherr 1750 so we are able to accommodate these Energy companies and keep up with the industry demand in the State of Texas. 

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