Extreme Nutrition and Fitness

500K to Build a COVID-19 Friendly Fitness & Nutrition Centre

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COVID-19 Friendly Fitness & Nutrition Center
Extreme Nutrition & Fitness is a registered company in the Province of Ontario that will be opening two businesses in a leased facility in Cornwall in the spring of 2021. The owner, Ms. Amna Faisal, is proposing to lease a 5,000 sq. ft. space in a strip mall and then renovate that space into a Halal/Kosher takeout restaurant and a gym that is specifically designed for post COVID 19 use. She has yet to secure a location but is looking at leasing a space on Brookdale Avenue or Second Street in Cornwall. Once this location is operating and excelling, there is a plan of expansion of further locations in Ottawa, Kingston, and Toronto. She has test-marketed the concept and received positive feedback from the target audience. Trends show that contact-less restaurant and gym concepts will continue to gain traction in Covid-19 environment in North America. As well, people will only be able workout in Contact-Less gym environment with proper Environmental barriers in place. Ms. Faisal will capitalize on this movement by opening a facility where members will feel safe during and after the COVID-19 Pandemic. They will leave feeling refreshed, healthy and well nutrition-ed. To complement their experience, members will have the option to refuel after their workout by purchasing nutritious home cooked meals or beverages through contact-less ordering options.

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