Project Aurora - an automated Trading System for Futures, Stocks & Options

Raising capital to continue developing an auto-trading platform to be traded by an internal proprietary team.

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  • We are seeking investors for individual participation of $100k to $1million for expansion of our companies focused on the education and technical market metrics needs of stock, options, and futures traders.  Total capital raise will be $2.5 million.
  • $2.5 million investment projects a net profit of $25.5 million over 5 years.
  • Seasoned, experienced team including owner/leadership with 26 years of senior executive leadership at a Fortune 500 company.
  • Company seeking investment has been in business since 2007.
  • Open to discussing information with interested investors.
  • information below.  Also view more on our two websites:
For interested investors, please contact us at [email protected]


We have been providing education programs for self-directed stock, options, and futures traders since 2007.  Market analytics is a key factor in helping traders be successful.  Technical indicators are used to identify the optimum entry and exit of any position.  There is an abundance of technical indicators and an even greater number of opinions regarding which indicators provide the best signal.  Unfortunately, most retail traders only have minimal performance data on what they choose to use as their primary signals.  This is a key factor in many traders failing.

In 2020 both futures and options trading activity increased approximately 46% over 2019.  The futures market alone is a $12.7 trillion market.  There is a significant opportunity to offer both education and market analytics to this growing and robust market.

In 2019, we rolled out our first market analytics trading system, the Adaptive Entry System.  It was programmed specifically with retail traders in mind and was designed to interpret multiple technical indicators and present the consensus of those separate indicators in a ultra simple, easy to follow system of trading signals.  Since 2016 we have hosted a daily Live Trading Room for our community of traders.  We live trade the markets and teach our trading community how to follow along.  The Adaptive Entry System was rolled out to our Live Trading Room so we have had extensive experience in observing how traders perform using our proprietary signals.

Beginning in July of 2020, we started using two trade performance tools we created, to track daily performance of the Adaptive Entry System.  Each trade signal is called out to our Live Trading Room between 8:45am Eastern and market close.  We focus on trading the Nasdaq100 futures using a 5 minute chart.  Although the Adaptive Entry System is built to effectively trade stocks, options, and futures using any timeframe, we prioritize Nasdaq100 futures on a 5 minute as a way to provide extensive education to our community and also produce consistent profits.

One of the two tools we use is a performance tracking tool which is building a database of every trade from 3:00am to 4:00pm Eastern.  This is a robust tool allowing us to do extensive real-time analysis of the most profit productive timeframes and combinations of signals.

The second tool we use is our proprietary Personal Trading Plan.  The PTP was created to help traders track their daily performance, understand the profit/loss run rate, and do a 52 week projection of their historical run rate to see their 12 month profit projection.  We track daily performance of the Adaptive Entry System in the Personal Trading Plan and record the updates in daily videos which are posted on our website.  This provides a 100% transparent understanding of what a trader can accomplish trading the Adaptive Entry System.  Seven months into the 52 week Personal Trading Plan is showing a 12 month profit projection of between $130k and $230k depending on the timeframe traded.  One is trading 9:30 to noon, and the other is trading 7:00 to 4:00.  Both accounts started with a balance of just $5k. 

Funding Request for Continued Development and Growth
We are seeking $1million of funding to help us grow and develop in three areas:

1).  We are in the early stages of creating an automated trading system (CycleBot).  We have a preliminary version which is trading an advanced system built using the Adaptive Entry System as a foundation.  CycleBot will be capable of trading multiple futures markets simultaneously.  Funding will be used to pay for programming and testing. 

2).  We have created an advanced version of the Adaptive Entry System.  This new market metrics system is the Aurora System.  It has been traded and tested for six months on the Nasdaq100 futures by our internal team.  Aurora is a more complex system so, our objective is to hire a proprietary trading team to leverage the opportunity Aurora offers.  With a prop team, we will scale the size of trades and expand into additional futures markets.  Funding will be used to hire, train, and fund a trading team.

3).  Implement a comprehensive social media and traditional marketing campaign to grow our retail trader community.  We promote  our tools to traders, both new and experienced, as "creating your own small business".  To support a trading business owner, we offer education programs (futures and options), support for learning and trading via our Live Trading Room, the Adaptive Entry System for market metrics, and the Personal Trading Plan for tracking performance and forecasting annual income.  Funding will be used to hire a marketing team (combination of employee(s) and agency) and ad spend to increase our market presence.

Write Investment Training, Inc., Options Money Maker, LLC,  New Cycle Trading and Analytics, LLC, and Synergy Capital Management Group, LLC is a group of companies owned by Mark Dannenberg, offering the range of education and market metrics software discussed above.

Repayment of Capital
We created a program we are offering to interested investors.  The Graduated Return Income Program (GRIP) offers a graduating rate of return over a four year period.  Minimum participation is $100k.
  •    100k participation pays 10% in year one, graduating to 15% during the four year repayment period.
  •    250k participation or greater pays 12% in year one, graduating to 15% during the four year repayment period.
  •    One million dollar or great participation; we are open to discussion of terms.

Mark Dannenberg, Founder, Owner
„26 year senior executive leadership with a Fortune 500 financial company. Entrepreneur since 2007.
„Strong skill set in teaching and business leadership.
„35 years trading experience.

Craig Selmeier, Programming and Development for NCTA
„Strong technical aptitude regarding alignment of multiple technical indicators.
„Built PFA and AES as client friendly platforms.
„Previously, Senior full-stack engineer - both mobile and web. Worked largely in the startup world in the education, social media, and SaaS areas.
„10 years trading experience.

Erin Ruemmele, Education Specialist 
„Strong market metrics technical aptitude.
„Client support and training.
„10 years trading experience.

Michael Kastner, Education Specialist
„Knowledge expert in Elliott Wave, Fibonacci patterns and other technical patterns. 
„Prior experience in running a family owned business.
„35 years trading experience.

Dorothy Klocek, Operations Support
„Excellent client service skills.
„Expertise with all support systems.
„Previous experience as VP of Implementation at a Fortune 500 financial company

Building CycleBot, creating a proprietary trading team, and growing our client base offers significant opportunity.  

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