EV Semi-Fleet Corp.

All-Electric Semi-Trucking Company- REVENUE GENERATING

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⚡ First mover in All-Electric, Class-8 (18 Wheeler), Disruptive Innovation & Implementation
Raised $1,700,000
Own 1 Nikola TRE BEV- EV Semi-Truck 
50 Tesla Semi-Trucks
  • "Cost Savings" Operations and Maintenance Cost of Electric Trucks is Significantly Less Than Diesel
  • "High Demand" Join the EV Revolution by Investing into This Green Business!
Now is the time to transform the Class-8 EV semi-trucking industry.

What is EV Semi-Fleet Corp.?

EV Semi-Fleet Corp. is an asset based transportation company utilizing all-electric Tesla semi-trucks to haul valuable freight at drastically reduced overhead costs. E
EVSF is taking a first mover position with 1 Nikola Semi-Truck in operation & 50 Tesla Semi-Trucks currently on order.  
We look to acquire more forward thinking investors and believe our operation will provide ROIs well beyond diesel fleet operations and become a leader in the Class-8 freight and transportation industry.
Our goal is to maximize profits by operating an eco-friendly fleet of Tesla Semi-Trucks 24/7/365 through an EV logistical framework. Starting at the local ports and expanding into long-haul trucking from coast to coast, we believe in the economic and environmental benefits of EV trucking and support the movement towards a zero-emission transportation industry.
The team at EV Semi-Fleet Corp. invites you to be a part of the EV Revolution in a Multibillion-dollar industry! You can support the movement by investing a minimum of $250 via REG CF platform at www.WeFunder.com/EVSemiFleet and be a shareholder in change.
Now, all current investors and potential investors have the ability to do so! To Schedule a virtual meeting, via Google Meet:
Click: https://calendly.com/evsemifleetcorp/30min and select a time that is good for you.

If you prefer email, please direct questions to [email protected]
Address Email to the CEO, COO and/or the Lead Investor & Technology Advisor
The team at EVSF wants to meet each and every investor and wants to answer any and ALL questions you have. We UNDERSTAND, as an investor, you want to make an educated decision when investing into the future.
EVSF looks forward to getting to know our investors and answer any questions you might have to the best of our abilities.
We hope to talk soon,
Team EV Semi-Fleet Corp.

CEO Direct Phone: 813-967-9249

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