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Raising 1 Million Dollars to Invest in European Show Jumping Prospects

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I have been buying and selling Equestrian Showing Jumping Horses for the past 20 years.  I have successfully sold over 100 horses at a profit.  I have worked with numerous investors in the past.  My partner and I at Southshore Sport Horses are now ready to take on new clients.  The demand for horses has increased dramatically since the beginning of COVID because it has been extremely difficult to travel and source out prospects in Europe.   Trainers and coaches in my field are actively reaching out to me on a  daily basis, inquiring after jumping prospects for their clients.    

The average length of investment is 8-10 months, with extremely large returns.  It is not unusual to see ROI's of 100% or more.  Risk is very calculated because we already have the end users ready to buy (some of these are our own clients).  We know exactly what we need and where to find them in Europe.  Once the horses have been shipped to the USA, they begin training and building their show careers  at local horse shows in Texas.  Most of our sales will then happen at the largest International Horse Show in the world found in Wellington and Ocala Florida.

All horses are insured.  Our clients own 100% of the asset and keep 100% of the profit less 15% commission on the sale.  This can also be structured as a syndicate if interested.  

This is a profitable and unique investment.  

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