Effectomy: AR Medical Education

An Augmented reality software application that can visualize the effects of medication on the human body and may be used as an educational tool in the healthcare field

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My name is Christopher Salnave and I have developed an augmented reality based healthcare software application that can be used as a training and educational aid for students in the healthcare field , interns and healthcare professionals. Effectomy: AR Medical Education is a software application that will  enable the user to visualize the therapeutic effects and side effects of a medication which will be projected on a  3 dimensional augmented reality image of a human body. The Software application will have an interface with tabs that allow the user to start with a 3 dimensional image of the human anatomy with the option of choosing male, female or a pregnant women. 

 Users can also add multiple layers of anatomical structures, including the Central Nervous System (CNS), musculoskeletal system, respiratory system etc. Users can also have the ability to fade certain anatomical structures or zoom in  or out of the image. Other tabs on the interface allow the user to type names of medication in a search engine and once medication of interest is selected, an image and information about the medication will appear.  Information about the medication will include but not limited to, FDA approved indications for the medications, adverse drug reactions, side effects, the effect of the medication on electrolytes, liver enzymes, Glucose levels, hemoglobin, platelets, Complete Blood cell count (CBC), Hematocrit, international normalization ratio (INR) for effects on anticoagulants such as warfarin, vitals and body temperature.  (Appropriate lab diagrams will be used to display the corresponding information)  

Once you click on an indication of the medication, the health condition the medication is intended to treat will appear on the 3-dimensional human anatomy model.  A second click on the indication will show the effect of treatment. For example, you search for ibuprofen and you select it. You select one of its FDA approved indications to treating pain and inflammation the 3D model, will present with a swollen red region on their elbows, ankle or knee to present an inflamed painful part of the body and with a second click the redness and swelling fades. On the other hand, if your are clicking on one of the side effects or adverse reactions of the medication, the 3D model would present with the adverse reaction or side effect. For example, Ibuprofen can cause heartburn by causing irritation in the esophagus hence the model presents with a red/orange color along the lining of the esophagus to indicate the side effect.  the interface also enables the user to have a connection or link ( hyperlink named Ibuprofen)  that can allow the user to get access to the Prescribing information for the medication. 

The design for the software application is already laid out for developers. Branding for the business has been completed and the software design is copyrighted. At this point, I am looking for investors to provide funding for the augmented reality software developers who can turn this software application to reality.

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