Education Technology Professionals, LLC

Raising $3 Million to scale and expand infrastructure to grow our footprint and better service our Schools nationally

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We are an IT firm focused exclusively on servicing schools.  ETP provides on-site IT support and STEM instruction to our schools. Our model makes operational and financial sense for schools, and can be replicated anywhere in the country and beyond. We have many value-adds at our schools, and focus very heavily on savings schools money. There have been cases where we've completed projects for schools and saved them so much that we ended up paying for ourselves and our services for a whole year. 

We are constantly adding more value to our services. We have an industrial laser machine that we have started offering free device engraving at our schools. Aside from our hourly fees for the on-site services, there is also a lot of more passive income potential by reselling hardware/software. 

All of our contracts with schools are annual and re-signed every year. We have never lost a school for cause, and the word of mouth is quickly spreading regionally. Our employee retention is also very high. 

The additional funding will help us build and scale our "national" infrastructure and core team. Among other things, it would allow us to start an MSP-type component for schools that cannot afford the on-site services. It would allow us to hire a seasoned Business Development exec, and help us with our roadmap forward, as well as build our our sales and digital teams. There are a lot of add-on services we also provide, such as website/digital content management, livestream services, and video production services. 

 Our model has been extremely successful in attracting new business with very little advertising. The last 2 schools were solely from word of mouth. 

I, the Founder/CEO, have spent about 15 years in corporate IT working for Fortune 500 companies. I moved to a very rural town in southern NJ, where I quickly discovered the need for seasoned IT professionals in smaller/rural schools. There was a job listing for the local school back in 2016, and I was the only one who applied. Then a second school toured that one to assess their technology, and asked me for IT assistance as well. The rest is history, and now we are at 9 schools, growing very well year-to-year. I possess a B.S. degree in Computer Information Systems from CUNY Lehman College in Bronx, NY, and am a credentialed Certified Ethical Hacker. This in part allows us to keep a focus on cybersecurity in everything we do - this is important especially to smaller school districts who do not have much budget for cybersecurity services. We bundle it into everything we do. 

The initial vision of servicing mostly smaller rural schools has shifted in that now we are also taking on bigger schools and taking over entire IT departments. When schools find out about us being a viable option - the sales cycle is usually fairly short. One of our hurdles is that schools don't know a company like ours exists, so strategic advertising would also be part of what this funding request would be used for. 

Thank you for your time and consideration. 

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