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Raising $320K to build the “AirBNB of the African context”.

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Edanra  is a Ghanaian-based startup that intends to, develop a platform that will be both web based as well as mobile app for  both android & iOS, make renting (hosting, searching and  payment) for short and long-term stays completely digital in Ghana and  Africa as a whole. Edanra is short form for "edan wura", which in the Akan language of Ghana  translates as "landlord". 

We  are building an “Airbnb” which identifies with the African suburban  context by providing a platform which facilitates the hosting, searching  and payment for homes for short and long term stays on the existing  market terms. As a company, we strongly believe this untapped market has an etched niche in the fast-growing internet GDP of Africa. Considering that Africa has a relatively underdeveloped Realty Industry, and typically available rooms are advertised by word of mouth of other traditional means, Edanra will be serving a great need.

We launched our MVP ( accessible as http://www.edanra.com) in August, 2020 and we currently have a growing traction with about 1800 users. We're looking forward to  launching the full product at the end of this month, if all goes well and we get needed funding. We will also go ahead and hire the services of App Developers to develop our apps for the Google Playstore Android platform and on iOS for Apple users. 

Edanra will empower landlords with extra rooms with a passive income stream in which they will be providing comfy spaces for travellers and tourists that go to Ghana and all over Africa that are not necessarily looking at paying ridiculous rates for a 5-star hotel. 

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