EcoFlame Charcoal

Raising $500k to supply the global need for over 20 Trillion kgs of charcoal needed annually with an eco-friendly charcoal.

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Charcoal demand is growing aggressively but the so is the need for cleaner air and reduced deforestation. Eco-Flame is the solution.

Product / Service Details

We are the growers, processors and marketers of a Eco-Friendly charcoal product made from recycled Coconut shells. World wide charcoal demand is growing into over a 5 billion dollar industry projected to be 6 billion in a few years.

Traction & Accomplishments

We have complete analysis and got interested distributors in Africa. Top markets such as USA, Europe and South america are getting setup for retail and whoesale sales. 

How We're different

Coconut Charcoal in general, is a superior product to wood charcoal. Out specific brand of Coconut charcoal has been processed to offer competitive advantages over typical Coconut charcoal suppliers.


Robert Ranier - CEO
Over 30 years experience in bringing new products to market and Online Commerce entrprises. 
- BA Business Degree from Cal State Fullerton's Miyalo School of Business. - Managed staff of 200 offshore for - Have worldwide resources and contacts including Philippines.

Gilbert Owina - Africa Relations
Over 20 years in the product management, customs, and shipping of products for the Kenyan market.

Isaac Durush - Africa Supply Chain
Over 10 years managing and marketing charcoal in Kenya.

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